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{short description of image}We have recently produced between six and seven hours of film on DVD, showing Cornish Mines and their background. These have been recorded onto 2 DVDs of between 3 and 4 hours each. Each DVD costs £5.90 including postage to the UK or £10.50 elsewhere. We shot this film ourselves during 2002 and 2003.

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This is an original digital recording, now in a revised, value for money, edition. It shows the mines as they are today, as the footage has all been shot in the last few months. The third volume shown in the picture is now redundant.
{short description of image}The DVD's base their theme on the 'Exploring Cornish Mines' series of books by Kenneth Brown and Bob Acton, and each excursion aims to follow one of the trails included in the books and to show not only the mines, but how they were reached. There are eight excursions included on each video or DVD, shot in full colour using a top quality digital camcorder.
Mines visited were:
Vol 1: Dolcoath Mine, Williams' Shaft and Wheal Harriet, Wheal Frances and Wheal Basset, West Basset Stamps, Tincroft and Cook's Kitchen, Marshall's & Wheal Grenville, King Edward Mine Part 1 (including footage of the working Californian Stamps and the tin processing operation using a vanning shovel) and Ding Dong Mine. We also include a short television documentary on Cornish Tin Mining.
Vol 2: Wheal Prosper and Wheal Trewavas, Pascoe's & Fortescue's, Carn Brea & East Pool, West Kitty, Polberro & Trevaunance, Wheal Basset Pt 2, Wheal Coates, Botallack and King Edward Mine Part 2 (including a demonstration mine rescue and exquisite models of mines). The visit to Carn Brea and East Pool Mine includes the Michell's working winding engine on display) . Most of these mines are in the Redruth and Camborne areas, but excursions were also made to Penzance, St Agnes and the Marazion area. This film is absolutely unique and not available elsewhere, and is probably one of the first of its kind available anywhere. Ramble with us down country tracks, over farm gates, along the rugged and beautiful Cornish coast, and even peer down mineshafts! Teeter with us on the very cliff edge, or wonder at the marvellous engineering of bygone times! Gosh, I went quite lyrical there for a moment! I must sit down and recover! Also includes a TV documentary on Cornish engineer Richard Trevithick.
No particular mining expertise is claimed, and there may be the occasional error of fact or description, but the aim has been to make these visits as enjoyable, spontaneous, interesting and informative as possible, with exquisite rural and coastal scenery as a backdrop. They are intended to be interesting visits rather than high-tech, strictly factual documentaries. Go on! You know you want one! PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE PAL/VHS VIDEOS OR DVD'S, SO A COMPATIBLE OR SWITCHABLE VIDEO OR DVD SYSTEM WILL BE NEEDED. Also available in NTSC versions (Canada and USA, etc) for the same price. If you are interested in these videos or DVD's, our slideshow CD ROM (currently listed on Ebay), fact sheets, photos and postcards, please visit
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N.B. These sheets, DVDs and other materials are copyright, and must not be copied or re-distributed. This includes making major or minor alterations to their content, copying to DVD or video for sale, etc. We have spent countless hours researching, travelling, exploring and editing to produce these four hours plus of film. While every care has been taken in the production of these materials, no responsibility is accepted for factual inaccuracy, but any comments will be noted for future editions. My customers' satisfaction is paramount to me, so please contact me if you are in any way dissatisfied, or to comment on the content.

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