The Embassy World Championship 2000 Draw and Results

We'll keep you posted here on all the results in this year's Crucible matches from 15th April, so here we go! Please note that match reports were written during the actual rounds, so are the reactions we reported at the time as they happened.

Completed results below:

Hendry stunned by Bingham in first round K.O.!

It's an all Welsh Final! (Mark Williams v Matt Stevens) (Sunday/Monday 30th April/1st May)

Mark Williams wins epic Final!

Match Reports Round 1:

Round 2

The Final

Century Breaks

Round 1
(19 frames)
Score Round 2

(25 frames)
Score Quarter Finals

(25 frames)
Score Semi Finals

(33 frames)
Score Final

(35 Frames)
Stephen Hendry
Stuart Bingham

 Stuart Bingham

Jimmy White 



Matthew Stevens


Matthew Stevens

Joe Swail 

Matthew Stevens

Mark J Williams 

Jimmy White
Billy Snaddon

Matthew Stevens
Tony Drago

 Alan McManus

Matthew Stevens 
Alan McManus
Nigel Bond

John Parrott
Gary Wilkinson

John Parrott  12  

Joe Swail

Dominic Dale


Paul Hunter

Joe Swail

Joe Swail   13
Peter Ebdon
Dominic Dale

Dominic Dale

David Gray 
Ronnie O'Sullivan
David Gray

Mark J Williams
John Read

Mark J Williams   13 Mark J Williams

Fergal O'Brien 

Mark J Williams

John Higgins


Mark King
Drew Henry

Drew Henry   9
Fergal O'Brien
Chris Small

Fergal O'Brien   13
Stephen Lee
Kristjan Helgason

Stephen Lee   8
Ken Doherty
Darren Morgan

 Ken Doherty  12

Anthony Hamilton

John Higgins



Anthony Hamilton
Marco Fu

 Anthony Hamilton  13
Steve Davis
Graeme Dott

Steve Davis   11
John Higgins
Dave Harold

John Higgins   13
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Round 1 15/4/00-21/4/00

Hendry falls to World No. 92!

O'Sullivan makes 5 centuries and still loses to World No. 60!

Stephen Hendry 7 Stuart Bingham 10

Bingham gave Hendry a shock as he led 4-2 and looked like taking the next frame, but Hendry took frame 7 with a 51 and rounded off with 106 in frame 9, his 47th century of the season.
Far from overawed, in the evening session Bingham reeled off the first four frames with breaks of 51, 78, 70 and 95 before Hendry claimed a frame to make it 8-6. Stuart Bingham was not to be denied, however, and took the seventeenth frame with an 87.
Hendry said that he had been too negative. "I spent most of the day trying not to lose instead of trying to win," he said. "If you have a negative attitude you will lose, but Stuart played fantastic."
Stuart Bingham said, "I can hardly describe the feeling. It is unbelievable. I've got a lot of self-belief, but I'm surprised that I've done it."
Hendry's defeat may leave the door open for Jimmy White, who was due to meet the seven-times champion in Round 2, and needed to reach at least the semi-final to have a chance of surviving in next season's top 16.

Fergal O'Brien 10 Chris Small 8

Fergal led 3-1 with breaks of 54 in frame 3 and 70 in frame 4, but Small came back with 101 in frame 6 and 82 in frame 8, before the match was halted before the last frame could be played. The dose was repeated in the second session, with many of the crowd finding it difficult to stay awake. The match was again forced off before completion, and was finished after the evening session, when, although Chris Small reduced the arrears to 9-8 with a 52 break, Fergal eventually fell over the line. "I feel as though I've been playing for three days," was his apt comment after the match.

Mark Williams 10 John Read 4

After breaks of 64 in frame 2 and 88 in frame 4 by Williams, John Read had an 82 in frame 5. Mark led 5-2, then Read completed a 76 clearance in frame 7 after Williams missed an easy red on 62. Read then made a 91 in frame 9 to reduce his arrears to 5-4. In the second session, however, Williams quickly polished off the match with five frames in succession, including a 60 break in frame 10 and 101 in the fourteenth.

Paul Hunter 6 Joe Swail 10

Hunter opened well with a 63 in frame 2, but Swail replied with 103 in frame 3. Hunter had a 51 in frame 4, and an 81 to draw level in frame 8. However, he gave away 45 points in fouls in frame 9 to trail 4-5 at the midway break. Hunter opened with a 55 in the second session, then levelled at 6-6 before Swail took the last four frames, including an 85 in frame 14 and the highest break so far, 141 in frame 15.

Mark King 8 Drew Henry 10

Drew Henry, World No. 24, led 3-1 with breaks of 51, 87 and 85, before King levelled at 3-3. Henry then took the next two frames, including a 54 in frame 8 before King snatched the last with a 55 break. King is hovering on the brink of the top 16 for next season, so needs a good run in the Championship. Neither player could get away in the second session, but King had an 85 break in frame 11 and went 8-7 up with a run of three frames and a 68 in frame 15. However, Henry took the next three to close out the match.

Ronnie O'Sullivan 9 David Gray 10

David Gray survived a withering onslaught by Ronnie after taking the opening frame. O'Sullivan compiled three successive centuries, 123, 101 and 115, then missed a maximum chance on 96. Gray stuck to his task, and runs of 70, 69 and 89 saw him close the gap to 5-4 at the end of the session.
The second session was very much a repeat of the first, with Ronnie firing in two more centuries, 136 in frame 14 and 102 in frame 16, to lead 9-7, but David Gray came back strongly against a wilting O'Sullivan to take the last three frames and a famous victory 10-9!

Peter Ebdon 6 Dominic Dale 10

A good contest, with both players trying to outdo each other in dress as well as play. Dale won the third frame despite Ebdon's 58 to lead 2-1, Peter them made 100 in the next, with Dale making 73 in the fifth. They shared the next two, then Dominic knocked 120, only for Peter to pinch the last 71-62. After the break Dale proved the stronger player, finishing off from 8-6 with breaks of 87 and 84. Yet another seed bites the dust!

Anthony Hamilton 10 Marco Fu 4

After trailing 4-2 against the fancied Hong Kong player, Hamilton reeled off eight frames in a row, including breaks of 77 and 85, to go through to Round 2.

Ken Doherty 10 Darren Morgan 3

Although Morgan had breaks of 89 and 80, it was the more consistent Doherty who had a clear lead after Session 1. Ken then took the first four frames in the second session, including breaks of 101 and 75.

Matthew Stevens 10 Tony Drago 2

Drago took the last frame with a 61 clearance after playing well below par for most of the session. In the second session Stevens quickly finished off the match, including breaks of 75 and 91 against a dispirited Drago.

John Parrott 10 Gary Wilkinson 9

John Parrott ground out a half-time lead against Gary Wilkinson, one-time World No 5 who has had a lean spell in recent years. Wilkinson took frame 1 with the aid of a 53, but breaks of 50 and 92 helped Parrott to a slender advantage. In the second session John led 7-5 and could have gone 8-5 but for a fluke on the brown by Gary. The latter took four in a row, including an 85 in frame 14, to lead 9-7, but missed some good chances to close out the match. Parrott took the last three frames, with breaks of 59 and 83 in the last two. "I played my worst snooker ever in a spell tonight, and will have to improve to have any chance in the next round," he said. "After all that, I'm going to bed. I'm knackered!"

Steve Davis 10 Graeme Dott 6

The first session was terminated after only six frames of a scheduled nine had been completed, with Steve Davis dominating the safety exchanges in some very slow frames, including one of almost an hour. Steve made a 58 and a 42 in frame 1, and a 93 in frame 3, and it was a long time before Dott potted his first ball. Davis has apparently adopted a new strategy of studying the line of each shot before playing, which appeared effective, but slowed down the tempo considerably. He did, however, take all six frames played against a bemused Graeme Dott. In session 2 Dott made a determined fightback, but could never get on terms and Davis closed out the match 10-6.

Stephen Lee 10 Kristjan Helgason 3

Lee was in superb form against the debutant Icelander, who did show glimpses of form. Stephen led 7-1, including 73 in frame 1, 89 in frame 2, 79 in frame 4 and 85 in frame 5, with Helgason taking the third with a 56. He also defiantly took the last frame of the session with a 51 break. In the second session Lee took the first, but Helgason came back with a 65 to win frame 11. However, after taking the next, Stephen finished off with a 71 break in frame 13.

Alan McManus 10 Nigel Bond 7

Despite not playing his best snooker, McManus eventually came through by what looks a comfortable scoreline. However, Bond led 5-4 at halfway, and 7-5 before Alan took the last five frames, including an 81 in frame 15.

Jimmy White 10 Billy Snaddon 7

Jimmy White had to draw on all his experience to hold on to a determined Scot in Snaddon. The latter made a 53 in frame 2 and led 4-1 before Jimmy, whose highest break of the session was 45, pulled the match back to 4-5 at the break. White made a 66 break in frame 10 and went 8-6 up before a 73 by Billy made it 8-7. But Jimmy took the last two, including a 58 in frame 17. He said he had been struggling with flu during the match, but remains on course for his objective of returning to the top 16.

John Higgins 10 Dave Harold 8

Despite the newly installed Championship favourite, John Higgins, making two centuries, 109 in frame 3 and 103 in frame 7, Harold as usual held on grimly, including snatching frame 4 with a fine 67 clearance after John had opened with 60. Higgins led 5-2, but the Stoke man made breaks of 54 in frame 8 and 82 in frame 9 to close the gap to the minimum. John made a 141 break in frame 12 to equal Joe Swail's earlier break, but after he led 7-5, Harold then took three frames to edge ahead 8-7 in a gripping match. Harold was unlucky to go in off when leading 50-1 in the next, whereupon Higgins took the last three, with a 126 in frame 18 to clinch it.

Round 2 (20th April) (best of 25 frames - 3 sessions)

Dominic Dale 13 David Gray 1

Dominic blitzed O'Sullivan's conqueror Gray, who had a poor match. Dale stuck in breaks of 52, 103, 52 and 93 to overwhelm his opponent in the opening session, David only managing an 82 in frame 6 for his solitary frame. Dale then completed a record-equalling performance by winning the next six frames against a dispirited Gray, with 100 in frame 9 and 101 to round off in frame 14, finishing the match with more than a complete session to play. This is only the fourth time that a second round match has been won by such a score.

Mark Williams 13 Drew Henry 9 (result)

Drew Henry opened with a brilliant 133 clearance in frame 1 to let Williams know he was around. He also made a 93 in frame 5. However, with breaks of 50, 66, 79 and 65 Williams led 5-3 after the first session. Henry stuck to him grimly with an 80 in frame 9 and levelled at 6-6. Mark went ahead with a 78 in frame 13, and also won frames 14 and 15 to lead 9-6, but Drew recovered from a Williams 67 break to win the last on a respotted black (9-7). The pair shared the first four frames of the last session to leave Williams 11-9 up, and, with breaks of 72 and 75 he finally overcame a brave effort by the Scot.

Jimmy White 13 Stuart Bingham 9 (result)

Bingham was another to start with a big break, a 132 in frame 1. He also lost the second after a 55 break. Stuart led 4-2, but Jimmy pulled back to 4-4, including an 80 break in frame 8. White has yet to record his first century at this year's Championship. In session 2 Jimmy reeled off six frames in a row with three 50+ breaks before Bingham finally put frame 15 on the board with a 73. However, the Whirlwind took the last frame of the evening to give a wilting Bingham a huge task in the final session. In the last session Jimmy started with a win in the first frame, but Stuart fought back well, taking the next four frames before White settled it with a 99 break in frame 22.

Stephen Lee 8 Fergal O'Brien 13 (result)

Despite making two 71 breaks, Lee found himself trailing after the first session to the dogged Dubliner. Fergal himself made an 86 break in frame 2, but there were several scrappy frames. Stephen Lee, despite a 126 break in the second frame of the middle session, was otherwise totally out of sorts, and Fergal dominated play until the sixteenth frame, when Lee pulled one back. By then it looked to late to save him from an early exit tonight. From 11-5, the match went to 6-12, when Lee made two excellent breaks of 102 and 91, looking a different player. However, Fergal held himself together in the next to go through.

Ken Doherty 12 Anthony Hamilton 13 (result)

From 2-2 Ken made consecutive centuries of 106 and 104. After taking frame 7, he led 52-0 in the eighth, with Hamilton not having potted a ball for 52 minutes. However Anthony made a splendid 59 clearance to end the session only 5-3 behind. In the second session Hamilton took the first four frames (89 frame 10, 55 frame 11) to lead 7-5. Doherty pulled back to 7-7 with a 118 break in frame 14, but Anthony Hamilton recovered to lead 9-7 going into the final session. Hamilton then led 11-8 before Doherty fought back to go to 12-11. The pair were pulled off the table at this score, and resumed later, when Hamilton took the first to level at 12-12 and made an excellent 66 to win the match and go forward to the quarter-final.

John Parrott 12 Joe Swail 13 (result)

Swail pinched the first frame after a 67 from Parrott which left only five reds (67 possible points) on the table. He then led 3-1 before Parrott made a 63 in frame 5 and took four in a row to lead 5-3. There was a controversial incident in one frame where referee John Williams refused to give a miss on Swail after several attempts to escape from a difficult snooker behind the yellow on the baulk cushion. Parrott was not amused, and, although he eventually won the frame, playfully swiped at Williams after the session. In session 2 Parrott made it seven in a row, with a 102 in frame 10, but from 8-3 down Joe staged a great revival. After an 81 in frame 13, he took eleven reds and blacks for an 88 in frame 14 and had a 66 in frame 15. Parrott himself had the last word with another possible 147, taking ten reds and blacks for an 80 before missing a red into the middle pocket. At the start of session 3 Parrott took the opening frame to lead 10-7. He went to 12-8 up, but Swail refused to buckle, and took four in a row to set up a deciding frame. Parrott was in first, but missed a tricky black, whereupon Swail made a 46 break. He then clinched the match with an unfinished 21 before Parrott conceded. "Joe's a nuisance to me," said John. "He seems to be playing bad, but always produces the goods when he plays me."

John Higgins 13 Steve Davis 11 (result)

Higgins opened with a 64 break, but Davis took the next two, with a 51 in frame 2. John then took the next five frames, including his second 141 of the Championship in frame 6, and following up with a 67 in the next frame to lead 6-2 after the frirst session. In the second session Steve won the first two including a 78 in frame 10 and led 53-0 in the next until Higgins cleared with 66. John made a 127 total clearance in frame 13, a 71 in frame 14 and a 129 in frame 15 to lead 10-5, but Davis won the last with a 52 (10-5). Steve made a real fight of the last session, taking three in a row to trail only 10-9. With a 66 in frame 21, John led 12-9, but Davis replied with 71 and 73 to close to 12-11 down. Higgins finally got over the line 13-11 to reach the quarter-final. This was undoubtedly one of Steve Davis' best performances for many years.

Matthew Stevens 13 Alan McManus 4 (result)

Stevens, strong favourite to reach the Final from the top half, opened with three straight frames (54 frame 1, 71 frame 2) to lead 3-0, but McManus closed to 2-3 before Stevens took the last three with breaks of 75, 51 and 85. Breaks of 112, 85 and 104 took Matthew to 9-2, and although Alan took two frames with 55 and 66, Matthew needed just one frame from the last session at 12-4. He duly completed the victory 13-4 by winning the first frame of the final session 71-24. Stevens now plays Jimmy White in what could be an epic quarter-final.

Quarter-Finals (best of 25)

Dominic Dale 9 Joe Swail 13 (result)

The two players shared Session 1 at 4-4, with Swail making 96 in frame 1, and Dale 119 in frame 5. However, Joe Swail took six of the eight frames in the evening session to set up a four frame lead, including breaks of 59 (frame 9), 88 (frame 10) and 78 (frame 15). In the last session, from 10-6 down Dominic took the first frame, but Joe then made breaks of 82 (frame 18) and 50 (frame 19) to move to 12-7. Dale made him wait two frames with breaks of 70 and 52, but a 79 in frame 22 sealed victory for Swail, and ensured him a place in the top 16 next season. This also means that Steve Davis loses his place and must now qualify for the Crucible next year.

Mark Williams 13 Fergal O'Brien 5 (result)

Williams won the first session 5-3, although Fergal led 2-1 and had a 90 break to level at 3-3. Mark rounded off the session with 60 and 70 to lead at the interval. Williams dominated the second session, including back-to back centuries (101 and 112) in frames 9 and 10. It looked likely that he would finish the match with a session to spare, until O'Brien won frame 14 on a respotted black after Williams had a 68 break and led by 51 with three reds on. Mark needed one more frame to reach the semi-finals. In the last session Fergal delayed the inevitable by taking the opening frame, but an 82 by Mark took him into the semi-finals, where an exciting clash with John Higgins is in prospect.

Matthew Stevens 13 Jimmy White 7 (result)

Both players were in great form, with big breaks in all but the first frame. White made 84 in frame 2, 69 in frame 3 and a 50 in frame 6, while Stevens' efforts were 90 (frame 4), 109 (frame 5), 60 (frame 7) and 63 (frame 8) to take the last two frames from 3-3. Stevens dominated the second session 6-2, including breaks of 87 (frame 10), 56 (frame 12) and 73 (frame 15), with White making a 60 in frame 14. The session ended 11-5 to Stevens, requiring just two more frames. Although Jimmy won the first in the last session, a 54 took Matthew to 12-6, and despite a winning frame from Jimmy and two re-racks, Matthew took the twentieth frame to set up a semi-final with Joe Swail and keep Jimmy out of the top 16.

John Higgins 13 Anthony Hamilton 3 (result)

Hamilton made a 78 in frame 2, to which Higgins took frame 3 with a 51, but lost frame 4 after making a 55 break. With a 108 in frame 5, John increased his lead to 5-2 before Anthony took the last. From 5-3, Higgins was unstoppable, taking eight in a row to win with a session to spare. In a four frame spell (frames 12 to 15), John made breaks of 86, 136, 103 and 135, to score 476 points without reply, only two points short of the all-time record. Hamilton could only sit and admire as a 52 took Higgins to a semi-final match with Mark Williams - a mouth-watering prospect!

Semi-Finals (best of 33 frames - first to 17)

Matthew Stevens 17 Joe Swail 12 (Result)

Swail fought back well to take the last two frames after trailing 2-4. He won the first frame with a 68 break, then Stevens made 114 in frame 2, took frame 3 and made a magnificent 143 total clearance in frame 4 to deprive Joe and John Higgins of their three-way break share. After they shared the next two frames, Joe made a fine 102 and finished with a 51 to go all-square. Stevens dominated the second session by six frames to two to lead 10-6, and then took the opening two frames of the last session to lead 12-6, but Joe dug in and took five of the last six to trail by only two (13-11) going into the last session. Joe pulled back another frame to trail 13-12, but in a series of scrappy frames, Matthew Stevens took the next four to move into the Final. Joe Swail said he was delighted with the way he had played during the two weeks and would draw confidence from it for the future. Stevens said, "After watching the World Finals at the Crucible on TV for ten or fifteen years, this is a dream come true for me."

John Higgins 15 Mark Williams 17 (Result)

It was big breaks all the way as Williams made breaks of 87 (Frame 1) and 78 (frame 3), to be matched by Higgins with breaks of 66 and 62 to be level at 2-2. John went 3-2 up with 52 and 50 in frame 5, but back came Mark with 69. Higgins took the next, but Williams had the final say with 105 to be all square at 4-4. Higgins lost some of his discipline, and stormed out of the arena after missing an easy pink in frame 12 to be 7-5 down, which became 8-5, but he recovered his composure with a 73 in frame 14 to draw level again at 8-8. Indeed, he then rolled off a further five frames at the start of Session 3 to take a commanding 13-8 lead, including a 93 in frame 21. Mark Williams finally took two frames, with breaks of 72 and 82, but Higgins ended with a magnificent 137 to finish four frames up at 14-10. Williams won the first frame of the final session with a 70 break, but Higgins immediately restored his four frame advantage with a 75. However, bringing off a series of stunning pots, and with Higgins visibly feeling the pressure, Mark Williams took the last six frames to make it an all-Welsh Final, with the certainty of the first Welsh Champion since Terry Griffiths in 1979.

The Final (best of 35 Frames) 30th April/1st May - 4 Sessions
Mark Williams (Wales) v Matthew Stevens (Wales)

Session 1 (Score: 4-4)

Stevens went 2-0 up with a 77 in frame 2, and after Williams took frame 3, made it 3-1 with a 103 break. Mark levelled at 3-3 (57 frame 6), then went 4-3 up with a brilliant 123. However, Matthew squared it at 4-4.
Scores (Williams first): 50-62, 28-84 (77), 56-23, 23-103(103), 65-18, 76-61 (Williams 57), 123-0(123), 35-75

Session 2 (Score: 6-10)

Matthew Stevens played superbly to take the first five frames in the evening session to lead 9-4. He had breaks of 85 (frame 10), 111 (frame 12) and 114 (frame 13). This was Matthew's eighth century of the Championship, including the highest of 143. Mark Williams clawed one back with a 59 in frame 14, but a 73 saw Stevens go 10-5 up. However, a 63 by Mark reduced the lead to 10-6 at the halfway stage.

Scores: 24-64, 37-91 (85), 21-59, 0-117 (111), 7-114 (114), 79-6 (59), 22-73 (73), 68-0 (63)

Session 3 (Score: 11-13)

Stevens won the first frame with a 108 break, then took the next. Mark replied with a 106 in frame 19, but Matthew led 13-7 before Mark took the next four, including an 80 in frame 21 to narrow the gap to 11-13 at the break.
Scores: 0-133 (108), 48-66, 106-0 (106), 54-55, 81-0 (80), 79-34, 71-46, 79-37

Session 4 Final Score: Mark Williams 18 Matthew Stevens 16

Williams made a 77 break in the opening frame, but Matthew took the next, with Mark levelling at 14-14 with the help of a 67 in frame 28. After the interval Stevens made a magnificent 120 break to go to 15-14, but they were soon level again at 16-16. However, in a match where the nerves were now clearly getting frayed, a 56 by Mark in frame 33 enabled him to go to 17-16, and he took the last to win a memorable match, especially for Wales.
Scores: 77-33 (77), 0-67, 75-6, 74-0 (67), 16-120 (120), 61-13, 70-66, 29-60, 76-8 (56), 73-21

Prize Money: Mark Williams £240,000
Matthew Stevens £140,000 + £20,000 (highest break:143)

Century Breaks at the Crucible 2000

Matthew Stevens 143
Joe Swail 141
John Higgins 141
John Higgins 141
John Higgins 137
Ronnie O'Sullivan 136
John Higgins 136
John Higgins 135
Drew Henry 133
Stuart Bingham 132
John Higgins 129
John Higgins 127
John HIggins 126
Stephen Lee 126
Ronnie O'Sullivan 123
Mark Williams 123
Dominic Dale 120
Matthew Stevens 120
Dominic Dale 119
Ken Doherty 118
Ronnie O'Sullivan 115
Matthew Stevens 114
Matthew Stevens 114
Matthew Stevens 112
Mark Williams 112
Matthew Stevens 111
Matthew Stevens 110
John Higgins 109
Matthew Stevens 109
John Higgins 108
Matthew Stevens 108
Stephen Hendry 106
Mark Williams 106
Ken Doherty 106
Mark Williams 105
Ken Doherty 104
Matthew Stevens 104
Dominic Dale 103
Joe Swail 103
John Higgins 103
John Higgins 103
Ronnie O'Sullivan 102
Stephen Lee 102
John Parrott 102
Joe Swail 102
Ronnie O'Sullivan 101
Ken Doherty 101
Chris Small 101
Dominic Dale 101
Mark Williams 101
Mark Williams 101
Peter Ebdon 100
Dominic Dale 100

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