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My Ebay Auctions

I have been dabbling in buying and selling on the Ebay Auction site for some time now, not without success, and you are invited to visit my Ebay page and bid on my auctions if anything interests you. My main sales involve stamps, books and postcards, but I am not averse to selling other items if they happen to come along.
I am always looking for different material, so if you have any old cards, stamps, etc that you don't need, offer them to me first. I'll give you a reasonable price if the goods interest me. I must emphasise that I am not looking for junk!

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You can help us to keep this site going at no cost to yourself by clicking the Ebay Link at the top of the page and registering with Ebay. You can then buy presents for family and friends, or sell any surplus items you may have. Registering costs you nothing, but will give us a small commission. If you think this site is useful, help us now! Thanks.

Don't forget I also have a good variety of stamps for sale too!
Also, if you want to sell an interesting item, and don't want to become an Ebay trader, send me an e-mail and we'll discuss terms. Perhaps I can sell it for you.

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