Snooker and Cue Sports on the Internet

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Whilst preparing the magazine, I have discovered a good number of Snooker websites, Newsgroups and e-mail lists on the Internet. I shall be pointing the reader in the direction of the best of these that I have found, so that he or she (and there are a number of real female fans out there) can find out more about snooker and chat to his (or her) heart's content!

In fact, I owe a lot of the inspiration for this site to two ladies: Ingeborg Schwall, a devoted German fan and Janie Watkins of the Global Snooker Centre, who show such interest, dedication, good humour and good advice when 'chatting' about snooker. They put the rest of us to shame! The least I can do is to link you to their sites!

Janie's site can be found at :

and Ingeborg's site, which contains photos, personal stories, links, player profiles, her guest book and much more:

{short description of image}

Snookernet:Number One For News, Views and Cues

{short description of image}

Just come online! The Official Cornwall County Association's Website! Click here to visit!

A good Internet friend and great collector of cue-sports memorabilia, Mike Young, has now produced his own website, which promises to be very interesting. Visit Mike's site at:

Then there's a new site, Snooker City, just put up by young Mark Law, a local Cornish player. Have a look!

Want to visit a ladies' site? Hopefully they'll have snooker as well as billiards and pool!

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Learn how to play American pool?

Click here! {short description of image}

If you want to find some other interesting links, visit Picasso's page about Belgian snooker at:


And now for an Italian pool and billiards site, run by Giuseppe Cuttone:

Italian billiards
For an extensive list of categorized billiards, snooker and pool web sites, go to:

Shark's Cove Billiards

Or if you want to find a snooker partner (to play snooker, of course)!

network gif

And if you just want to chat or send messages about snooker, try the Newsgroup:

Then there's the Snookerlink List for Mailings on all Snooker Subjects:

Click to subscribe to Snookerlink list

Subcribe to the Snookerlink list (which now replaces the former 147 list) and we members will be glad to welcome you!

Visit Cornwall-Connect connect gifto find out more about Cornwall!

If you want to find anything else on the Web, you can now search using Altavista directly from this site.


Or you can also use...

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