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Okay, let's get some feed-back from you! Apart from the Question pages and a few Guest Book entries, I feel as though I'm on TV, never hearing from most of you who visit the site.
Mail E-mail us now with your comments, requests and suggestions and snooker chat, and let's get some interactivity! You can use this site as a Chat Room if you like. I'll post all (printable) mailings here!
To start the ball rolling, tell us about yourself:where you live, whether you play or just watch snooker, your highest break, your favourite player and anything else you'd like to add!

Here's your first letter (thanks, Dick) and let's hope it's the first of many:

Date: 28/10/00 03:31:21 GMT Daylight Time From: x777galaxies@mountaincable.net (Dick) To: snookermag@aol.com
Hi! I am Dick. I love watching snooker greatly. I have a four x 8 table, and spending lot's of time down there (basement). Only around some holidays I might have a partner. But I do not mind practising myself. For me, it is kind of interesting, because I study every shot, and never, ever make an empty, pointless one. Well, getting there. I would be very happy, if somebody would explain to me just one thing. Well, when I aiming at a ball with the cue ball to make the shot, I always try to pin point the exact point on the red, where the cue ball much touch in order to sent the red to pocket. But, when I watch the professionals, I wander, what are they looking for and at? Do they do the same as I, or, they look for something else, in lining the eye-cue-cue ball- and the ball to be pocket....? I wish I knew what to look for and how to look for. Is there any good and reliable book in that respect? But, here in Canada the Sports on our TV shows us almost no snooker, maybe once in two years, and in England, Ireland, Scotland one can watch almost every day....? They are crazy people here, all they like to see is, football, baseball and hockey, and I hate them all. But snooker, I could watch day and night, why?, because by watching I practically feel every ball to be pocketed on the table. Is there some videos in your Country for sale, loaded with good matches? I wish I could buy some, just to watch them to play and learn how to....... Thanks and God bless.........(crazy) Dick.

Thanks, Dick. Yes, we in Britain are lucky to have lots of snooker to watch.The answers to some of your questions can be found on the Questions Pages. Anyone else want to write to us? Graham

Date: 24/11/00 22:05:01 GMT Standard Time From: CHEESARINO To: Snookermag Hello, I'm Darren in Coleraine On the north coast of Ireland. Been playing off and on for several years (now 28). Got fairly good on a 6 foot table as a kid, but did'nt progress to full size until I was 20, I wish now I had have started earlier. At the moment I'm trying to get 3 or 4, 3 hour sessions of practice in each week which is starting to pay off. Getting into the high sixties regularly, with a maximum of 78. I'm absolutely hell bent on getting that first century. In my nearest club the good players tend to be quite unapproachable and reluctant to give any advice or tips, so I normally travel to a neighbouring town to practice in a smaller, quiter, club. I'm entirely self taught, and was never quite sure on the most beneficial methods of practice, so I was over the moon to read your solo pratice sessions section, I'm sure they will go a long way to helping me get that elusive first century. I was wandering if you could give any advice on the best kind of tip to use, and how to put it on properly, as mine tends to wear down quickly on one side. I've only just got on line, and this is my first ever email attempt, I think the site is great, and I will be revisiting frequently im sure. Chow for now, Cheesarino.

Hi, Cheesarino. Thanks for being our second letter-writer, and glad you like the site. I keep meaning to add more stuff on practice routines, and hope to do so soon. As regards tips, most of us use Blue Diamond or Elkmaster tips, 9mm or 10mm. You need to make sure that the end of the cue and the tip are perfectly flush (no gaps) before glueing, and it is best to make a few scores with a knife on the bottom of the tip to retain the glue. There are those who swear by superglue for tipping, but a good tip cement or epoxy glue will usually keep the tip on better and take up any gaps, provided it is left a few hours before use. Tips should be domed (rounded) rather than left flat. I welcome other readers' advice and comments. Graham

Date: 11/12/00 00:44:22 GMT Standard Time From: Soldier bob To: Snookermag:
Do you think the snooker fraternity should do something to help Alex Higgins in his time of need? Alex may have found himself in trouble with the governing body from time to time!!!! but it is a fact that he was the only reason why snooker became so popular and i think something should be done to help him [benefit match possibly?] what do the other snooker fans think? Scott H Manchester

What do the rest of you think? Alex was a great player in his time, but hardly did much to endear himself to other people. Many of his problems are of his own making, surely? Should we bale him out? Graham

Date: 19/01/01 01:51:21 GMT Standard Time From: ballfamily@free.net.nz (The Ball family Te Puke) To: snookermag@aol.com Hi my name is Alan Ball ( no relation to the ex-soccer player),I am originally from Bristol UK were I played on and off for years with moderate success from about 12 years old , my highest break while playing in U.K. was 116 and after that I gave the game up to concentrate on bringing up my three children. anyway the kids are old enough to look after themselves now so for the last two years ive been playing snooker again while living know in New Zealand with my wife and kids,Im practicing as much as I like (around work of course) and as I write this I am 13th in the nz rankings with highest breaks of 139 practice and 116 tournament. Im allso a qualified snooker coach and referee, Im trying to get a cue ball with a clock face on it to help with my coaching , so if you know wear I can get one that would be very helpful as in NZ that sort of thing just does'nt exist. if you know any of the Bristol players I use to play like Mark Johnston Allen ,Jamie woodman ,Andrew weeks then it would also be good to get in touch with them again through the e-mail or your web site . anyway it is great to read a good site by enthusiasts for enthusiasts the basic coaching is very handy for reinforcing the importance of the basics to my students , thank you Alan Ball

Hi, Alan, Thanks very much for your interesting e-mail and nice comments about the website. You are obviously a very useful player! In answer to your questions, I should imagine you can get a clockface cueball from Riley Leisure. I think the URL is http://www.rileyleisure.com You can try them first, or contact Janie Watkins (she knows most things) at janie@paw-print.demon.co.uk Mark Johnston Allen is now a snooker commentator at Sky Sports. You can probably find a website for Sky and pass on a message to him. I have no info about the others.

Date: 20/01/01 19:23:54 GMT Standard Time From: jseymour@wavegate.com (John Seymour) To: snookermag@aol.com 'ello, theah! (Did I say that right, Graham? :) ) I'm up on Lookout Mountain in the NW corner of Georgia about 100 miles North of Atlanta. We've had much more snow than normal this year and, as a matter of fact, it's snowing as I write this. I mention this because the bad weather has had a positive influence on me to do something indoors that I'm put off for some time--restoring an antique 10' English snooker table! While I have restored several pool tables, this is my first snooker table. As a consequence I have been casting about for information to complete this project. Specifically I need dimensions for locating both the sights and the spots on a 10' table, as well as the dimensions of the "D" area. (And speaking of that, how are the spots and the "D" marked on the cloth?) Secondly, while the rails basically define the contour of the cushions in the area of the pockets, I need some guidance on how the cushions are shaped/trimmed as they curve into the pockets. A pocket template would be a great help if such is available. Lastly, I am planning to install Simonis 860 cloth and Brunswick Century cushions. (Of the locally known cushions, the L-shaped Century profile is required because of the nose height for 2 1/8" balls.) Please give me your thoughts on these two materials. I would particularly value your help and the help of your readers since snooker is a vastly more popular game there than it is in the US. I figure that you simply know more about it! Thank you. John Seymour

Any guidance for John, please? I've never put a snooker table together. Help! Graham

Subj: Snooker Table Letter
Date: 31/01/01 13:36:51 GMT Standard Time
From: jmyoung@nni.com (J. Michael Young) To: snookermag@aol.com
Dear Graham, Just cruised through your website again. In partial answer to the American John Seymour's question about table marking, try this: http://www.canadianbilliards.com/cbm/playerscorner/gman/equipment/SnookerSpec.html I would not recommend Simonis 860 cloth for his snooker table. It's fine cloth, but too fast (no nap) for a snooker table, be it a ten or twelve footer. Try BCE Canada for proper snooker cloth: http://bce-canada.com/2000/ Best wishes, Mike
J. Michael Young e-mail: jmyoung@nni.com
Cue Sports Memorabilia: http://users.nni.com/snooker_mike/index.htm

Date: 26/03/01 06:24:50 GMT Daylight Time From: pas0@aber.ac.uk (PAUL STANWAY) Reply-to: pas0@aber.ac.uk (PAUL STANWAY) To: snookermag@aol.com
Alex Higgins is...
Insignia of the ivory balls,
Zsar of the spin shot,
Kaiser of the cushion,
Lord of the long pot,
Goebbels of the green baize,
Prince of the potters,
King of the cues,
Admiral of the angles.
Alex Higgins is...
The sultan of the sport snooker.

Thanks, Paul, nice poem. Any more contributions on Alex, who I gather is now much better, and was a guest at the Citywest Hotel recently for the Irish Masters?

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