Snooker Questions Book (Part 1)

Are you new to the game, or not sure of the Rules or tactics to use when playing? We are producing a new series in several parts to help you! But this time we're not doing it for free (we need you to appreciate our hard work, which is costing us time and money!) So, if you like the site, please help us by buying this new book, and the other books available on this site. Go on, help us to keep this site going! You've had the free read, the free advice, etc. Now give something back so we can maintain the site for future surfers. You know it makes sense! Can you afford to be without it? Hopefully, if you've scanned the site, you have seen the quality of our work. Go to the ordering details below.


The first chapter deals (with accompanying diagrams) with the basics of the rules, how to play the game, how to break off, play the 'right' ball, safety shots, shots to nothing, the 'play again' rule, respotted blacks, general rules, etc. It takes the form of a novice asking the expert questions, which lead on naturally from one to another.

In later chapters, we shall deal with fouls, the controversial 'miss' rule in detail, tactics, refereeing, practising techniques, free ball rules, etc. Build your reference to the game with many diagrams and illustrations. We'll be glad to hear your suggestions on what you want included.

{short description of image} us with your comments, questions or suggestions for inclusion now!

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