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Think you know everything about snooker?
Well, try our quiz to find out! Click the link at the bottom to find out the answers. If you have any questions to contribute, preferably with the answers, please {short description of image}us now!

jimmy gif

Qu.1 Where was Jimmy White in the above picture, and why?
Qu.2 What etiquette procedure is Jimmy said to have breached during the above?
Qu.3 How many times has Jimmy been runner-up in the World Championship?
Qu.4 Jimmy is often called 'The People's Champion". What other player also claimed this name?
Qu.5 What nickname is Jimmy often known by?
Qu.6 Name two other players who have nicknames of a similar type.
Qu.7 Name three players who can or could play well both right and left-handed.
Qu.8 Which two players went to the final black in the 1985 World Final, and who won?
Qu.9 Which players have won the World Championship 6 times or more since 1970?
Qu.10 Who won the World Championship at his first attempt in 1979?
Qu.11 Who played the longest World Championship frame, and how long did it last?
Qu.12 Whom did Alex Higgins beat to win his second World Championship?
Qu.13 In which years did Alex win his two World titles?
Qu.14 Who was the last World Amateur Champion to win the Professional Championship?
Qu.15 Which World Champion comes from Coalisland?

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