Snooker for Love, Not Money
by Graham Allen

Although not in printed book form, Snooker For Love, Not Money is just that - a collection of reminiscences and observations from an 'average' snooker player, who does not play for money, but out of love for a game which has captivated and enthralled him for over 30 years, from the time at the age of 12 that he illicitly sneaked into his local Institute, with its three-quarter sized table, through his early years struggling with the game, his college years, tournaments, competitions and his fulfilment as a local League &gc jpg

In the picture the author can be seen (left) with Graham Chinn after winning the National British Legion Pairs Competition in 1983.

All his contacts, friendships with other players, amusing stories and a wealth of other material are included in this book, which tells about snooker in a way that only someone truly in love with the game can.

The book also contains a variety of chapters about the game in general, including tactics and coaching for the novice or average player, amusing anecdotes about the game and a section on useful Internet sites.

The book contains 16 chapters and about 62,000 words, so it should keep you going for a day or two!

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