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Hi, we have decided to revamp this site and have pruned much of the older sections of the blog as it is probably no longer of interest, apart from containing numerous winners at excellent prices over recent years. My daily blog is on another page (click on Racing Commentary on the Menu) and explains  my betting methods, results (no lies) and suggestions for future winners. I do not bet every day, so there will be days or periods when there is no commentary! I have not bet at all during the coronavirus pandemic, even though US racing and some French has been taking place.  UK  racing has now returned, and  I have already given one winner at 22/1 (posted the day before) and another at 12/1 first up on the second day. These and several others have already been given by my systems (see My Offerings on the Menu)!

Please check out our racing systems and books, plus a novel, a snooker autobiography and our eBay listings below!

Welcome to! Below we list some of our books and documents for sale, produced over many weeks and months and painstaking;y researched and compiled. Please try some!

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My Own Offerings!
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I can also offer some of my own material, in the form of systems, methods, a full length book on my racing experiences, a snooker book and even a novel! Here are the details:

I. Horse Racing Winners from Placed Form:

Over a period of many years I strove to make sense of horse racing until eventually I began to observe certain patterns in results. I incorporated these patterns into a system based on recent results. Tentatively I decided to share this knowledge with the public by selling my system on eBay. I sold hundreds of these over several years, and I can honestly say that I can count the negative feedbacks on one hand, so there must be some merit in it. Admittedly it can produce a number of qualifiers in some races, but in general you would be amazed at the results! on 20th June 2020, the system gave five winners at odds of 40/1, 20/1, 12/1, 9/1, and 9/1 (check out the Racing Commentary page).

 This system has thrown up winners at very big prices, including a few at 100/1! Obviously this does not happen very often, but who cares at that sort of price? There will also be spells when the system does not seem to work, but this is often at the whim of connections, trainers and jockeys.

The system is available from me by sending £5 by PayPal to

 It will be sent as a Word document by email attachment by return.

2. Picking Big Priced Winners from Form 

How many horses out there are running well below their capability?
I calculate about half or more! Based on my experience of racing, I wrote a study on how to find those 'dark' horses that inexplicably turn up from time to time, often at big prices, for no apparent reason. Well,

I found a reason! Let me explain it for you! Payment (£4) by Paypal to: 
This document is still available, but I recommend "How to Win Consistently" below, which is a completely revised and more detailed version for just £1 more.

3. Bitten By Betting:
A revised copy of a book I wrote over 20 years ago, and have now given a thorough revision. The early part is 

an often amusing account of life in the betting shop in the 1990's and continues with my struggles to make sense of horse racing form and how I went a long way towards cracking the system! Nobody can get every winner, and I am not claiming this for myself, but I have probably had more big-priced winners than most people in the country over the course of many years. You too can learn some of the secrets and, by following my methods, make your betting much more logical and successful! 113 pages, 11 Chapters, plus Introduction and Preface. 
£5 by Paypal to The book will be sent by email on receipt of payment.
This book is copyright and may not be copied, passed on or sold in any form, including electronic.

4. Horse Racing - How to Win Consistently:

For years I struggled to make any sense of horse racing, as the form figures did not always match the results!

Then I found a vital ingredient called class! Many horses out there are running well below their true ability. In

a number of chapters I set out what I discovered and how to find the 'right' horses. True, they don't win all the time, which I why they are rated as they currently are, but when they do win eventually, often at good prices,

it can give you a real thrill! Discover how to find them yourself! £5 by PayPal to

5. Joint Operation:
I had been working on a novel for many years, and finally managed to finish it to my satisfaction. I might even try to publish it on Kindle in the future! This book is a psychological thriller with a bit of supernatural thrown in and is dated in the 1970's. It deals with some mysterious powers granted to various people and how these powers enable them to do extraordinary things to both objects and people, with a serial killer to deal with for good measure. I hope you will like it - it costs £5 by PayPal to and will be sent as an email attachment by return.

To view a synopsis of the book, click here.


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6. Snooker For Love Not Money:
  Not related to horse racing, but I am sure many readers play or enjoy watching snooker on television! I have been a keen snooker player and watcher for well over 50 years, and decided to write my own  take on snooker, from the point of view of an amateur player, rather than from the professional standpoint. 
For many years I recorded almost every frame broadcast on television and I have a houseful of DVDs amassed over almost 20 years! In the book I discuss my own experiences and there are a number of chapters

on various aspects of the game, people I have known, and often many amusing anecdotes. I also discuss 

strategy, sportsmanship and various other topics related to the game. Not everyone can be a Ronnie 

O'Sullivan, Stephen Hendry or Judd Trump, but can still enjoy the game, even at a lower level! 
This book also costs £5 by PayPal to Sent as an email attachment.

7. My Listings on eBay

I have been trading on eBay for 20 years this year and currently have a 100% positive feedback record over the

last twelve months, and have had only a handful of negatives in all that time! So you can be sure that anything

I sell is given my maximum care and attention!

 If you want to see what I am selling, go to the eBay site and search for snookermag2. I have many listings, including stamps, covers, true crime magazines and many other items.

Please note that all the documents above are copyright, so please do not copy them and pass them on to your friends. I am relying on your honesty, but will password or copy protect them if necessary.

8. Sales of Books and Magazines (click link) (Collection only)


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