Photo Archive

This page is under construction. I hope to set up an archive of past and present Mining and Cornish players or teams, with a description of them and/or their achievements. Please send your own photos to, with a brief description. They don't have to be great title winners or County Champions, but they will be welcome too! I will assume that I have permission to publish them on this site. I look forward to receiving your contributions, from your own archives or in the future when the pandemic is over and we can all meet again! Should be a nice item for posterity. I write reports for the Mining Snooker League during the season, but rarely include photos. That would be a nice addition!

I will start with a tableau of the fantastic Clinton Social Club team, which had huge success between 1984 and 2011, winning the Mining League title on multiple occasions. This photo gives a representative sample of players over the years, with a list of achievements. Difficult to read, but the players' names are at the bottom. My sincere thanks to Paul Broad and St Rumons club for taking the time to photograph and send the photos! On the left can be seen, amongst others, one of Cornwall's best ever players, Gary Bray, with Mark ('Doc') Tregenza (bottom left), Scott Bray (bottom right) and 'Manager' Roger Faull (currently Mining League President) (bottom centre). Players on the right include Doug Thorncroft, Bob Sutton, Steve Downing, Graham Denning and Alan Wills. Apologies if I have not mentioned all their names!

Clinton _Roll.jpg

Here is a photo of two of Cornwall's best ever players: Gary Bray (multiple County and Heathcoat Cup winner), and Doug Thorncroft ('Thorny'). This photo shows them with a pairs trophy:

Gary & Doug.jpeg

And here is an old photo from 1962-63 of the Division 1 winning Redruth RBL team, also one of the great forces in recent Mining League history. Players pictured are Alec Hancock, Doug Thorncroft, the late Ivan James, Charlie? ('Mannan') Ford (never knew his first name). Billy Thomas and a Mr R G Triggs (who I personally cannot remember as I was only 14 at the time and not yet into snooker).


I hope to add some more photos soon, so send in yours and I will add as many as I can!