My Daily Racing Commentary.


What went right or wrong for me? Analysis of the horses that should have won and perhaps why they didn't (often a similar story in many races).

Together with my comments, tips for the future, etc. I suggest you get a notebook and note down my suggestions for future winners! I have only included entries back to November for now.

7th-15th December: Two of my recent tips won in this period, including It Must Be Faith (also a bet under my system) 12/1 and Duke of Firenze 20/1! Hope you had noted them from my selections! More system winners too: Amber Island 20/1, Fact Or Fable 16/1 (which I backed), Little Mo 17/2, Iconic Knight 11/2, Tipalong Tyler 15/2, Collurid 11/2 and Red Poppy 9/2. As I have been following the snooker and doing various renovation jobs, I have not researched future winners this time, but please go back down this page and note those that have not won yet! But I will add two more: Jalingo (NH), and Alqaab, and Keep an eye on Here's Herbie, especially if backed soon.

4th-6th December: I have been a little lax as regards my racing blog recently, so will try to rectify that now. Recent system winners found by my Winners From Placed Form system: Oliver's Pursuit 14/1, Get Your Own 22/1, Guroor 14/1, Sweet Bertie 25/1, Flash The Steel 12/1, Floressa 10/1,We're Reunited 10/1, Can't Stop Now 8/1, Koeman 11/1, Perfect Candidate 8/1, and several others at shorter prices. Not a bad lot! Can you afford to be without your copy of Winners From Placed Form? Email for details or send a Paypal payment of £5 to the same email address. System sent by return email! And here are a few winners waiting to happen: Medicine Jack, Suzi's Connoisseur, Restless Endeavour, Horst (NH), Sigurd (NH), Custard The Dragon, Gunmetal, Highland Acclaim and Secretinthepark. Don't forget to check further down the page for others, some of which have already won or been placed at very big prices!

18th November-3rd December: Sorry I haven't posted on here for a while. I've been busy with some refurbishments around the house and shed and also watching a lot of snooker! I'll be back shoretly with some system winners and tips for the future! By the way, hope you had some big priced places from my selections recently!

9th-17th November: I have not backed every day in this period because of tennis and snooker matches catching my interest, so will give a few system results and a few tips for future winners: System results: Fantasy Believer 12/1, Raving Bonkers 25/1, Kryptos 14/1, Napping 10/1, The Fresh Prince 10/1, Helix 9/1, Feuille De Chene 13/2, plus numerous others at shorter prices. You can still get your copy of Winners From Placed Form for £5 (sent at once by email)! Horses which can do much better (I backed these recently and they ran like donkeys): Zeshov, Time To Reason, The Resdev Way, Strong Steps (must win soon), New Look, My Target, Kodimoor, Ex'selance, (NH),  Rajapur and Kommander Kirkup. Back them each-way and give them a couple of chances at least!

3rd November-8th November: I did not take part on every day during this period, but have noted the system winners and horses to follow soon. System winners (some fantastic prices here): Le Magnifique 18/1, Carrick Roads 9/1, Equus Dancer 17/2, Evita Du Mesnil 80/1, Cudgel 9/4, Unowhatimaenharry 12/1, Eagles Glen 15/2 with Lunar Deity 50/1 second in the same race, Sending Love 100/30, Gortroe Joe 8/1 and Cremant 100/30. You could have been on these winners if you had a copy of my system Winners From Placed Form! Horses to note for the future (copy and paste into Notepad or a spreadsheet): American Tom (NH), Karakoram (NH), Tea Time Fred (NH if backed), Milan Of Crystal (NH) and Tara Well (NH), both running today 9th November). Three more on the flat: Noble Peace, Gavlar and Aguerooo.

29th October-2nd November: A mixed bag during this period, with more wrong than right selctions, but I am convinced they will win when wanted! More great system winners, including Birkenhead 10/1, Arzaak 5/1 (I had that one at 15/2), Declared  Interest 9/4, Bringitonboris 9/2, Justatenner 16/1, Odyssey Girl 11/1, Drumconnor Lad 7/2 and Un Beau Roman at 18/1. I had been backing the latter for ages, but missed it yesterday as I did not check the racecards before racing! I would have had the forecast, as I had also been following the second! Hope you had Dynamo Walt each-way at 40/1, as I have tipped it twice recently and fell sure it will win in its next couple of races. A few more to note for the future: Quoteline Direct, New Look, Nick Vedder, Officer Drivel, Crosse Fire, Shamshon Light Of Air and Optima Petamus (back each-way unless very short prices).

27th-28th October: A nice winner with Rockley Point on 27th October, and I was watching my other tip, Point Of Woods, which came up swinging, then subsided very tamely. I feel sure this was a trial run, and it will do much better soon. A system winner with Espressino 10/1 during this period too. I also tipped Doc Sportello in a previous blog (another 10/1 winner). Others to note for future success: Abushamah (badly hampered last time), Tropics (thrown in on old form), Outer Space, Helvetian and Agincourt Reef (NH). I had a nice winner and forecast yesterday with Tao Te Ching (I got 6/1) and Cadeau D'Or.

20th-26th October: I have not bet every day in this period, but more or less held my own most days when I did. Here are some of the more interesting results and my usual picks for future success: System winners over recent days (well, the best of them): Kilcaragh Boy 66/1, Harmonise 22/1, Gumra 16/1 (I got 18/1) and Doc Sportello 10/1. I am sure there were several more at shorter prices. There were also a few winners from my tips for future winners, including Brian The Snail, which I tipped on its previous run!.

One of my previous tips, Point Of Woods, runs this afternoon and I am expecting a better run. Rockley Point may also be worth an interest. Some more tips from the runners I have backed as top-rated recently, as I feel sure they are due soon: Quick Brew (NH), Towerburn (NH), American Tom (thrown in but only fourth yesterday, but I used one of my free bets on it), Dom Poli (NH), Dalkadam (NH) and Ex'selance (NH). Keep backing my previous tips (see the various paragraphs below), as I know they will win eventually! You can get copies of my various systems and documents here. I am sure they will bring you many winners and good places, as they have done for me! And do get in touch, by email at or using the Let's Chat feature! Comments (nice or otherwise) or suggestions always welcome! P.S. Hope you were on Rockley Point (I got 10/1)!

8th-19th October: Apologies once again for taking nearly a fortnight to post again! I have had some bets on a number of days, but have been watching tennis and snooker almost exclusively during this period. I will start by hoping that you had a bet on Uncle Bernie (20/1 winner) recently! I tipped this on 19th-21st September (see below). If you are keeping a list, a few others have yet to win, but keep backing them each-way! Here are the system winners from this period. at least the higher priced ones. I am sure there were also a number of others: 7th October: Red Bravo 15/2, Vindolanda 13/2, Smeaton 7/1 and Yeavering Belle 100/30. 9th October: Present Man 12/1, Global Spirit 12/1 and From The Heart 13/2. 10th October: Jouska 18/1! 12th October: Punchbowl Flyer 6/1. 13th October Tomfre 7/1. 14th October Lunar Jet 12/1, Balancing Act 17/2. 15th October: Fame N Fortune 10/1, and Court Dreaming 13/2. 16th October Air Raid 16/1. 18th October Sceau Royal 10/1. And on 19th October Pivoting 13/2, Kingsholm 6/1 (I had the forecast in that race) and Round The Island 7/2. You can get access to these fantastic winners by buying the Winners From Placed Form system. Now for some more future winners: Royal Shaheen, Chaplin Bay, Edgar Allan Poe, Yasir, Running Wolf (NH), Poyle Vinnie (third yesterday at 33/1), Atletico, Sir Roderic, Tapis Libre, Sfumato and Dynamo Walt (again). The latter appeared to be eased up in the latter stages yesterday and I feel sure this was a trial run. Well I hope to keep this up to date more regularly in the future, so get in touch (email Graham at and come back!

5th-7th October: If you are returning to this page via the wixsite URL, it appears that you should now be using, as I have now transferred that site from my previous provider. Any problems, please let me know, emailing or using the Let's Chat feature below. Very few have yet been in contact since I set up these pages! Anyway, not much to report over the last three days, just a few bets and not much up or down. System winners from 7th October: Red Bravo 15/2, Smeaton 7/1, Vindolanda 13/2 and Yeavering Belle 100/30. What measly prices compared with what the Winners From Placed Form system has been achieving recently! Still, if you had them you are probably very happy! One more horse for your notebook (or spreadsheet): Independence Day, which is thrown in (extremely well handicapped) on old form! It ran a stinker yesterday, so must be due a better run soon! On a different note, I have had a few bets on the Roland Garros tennis, and I currently have three bets still going, including three of the four Women's semi finalists: I backed Iga Swiatek during her demolition of Halep at 8/1 (currently about 5/2), and have also backed Petra Kvitova at 16/1 each-way and Sofia Kenin at 12/1 each-way, so am certain to get at least one finalist. The only possible problem could be Podoroska beating Swiatek! Ideally Swiatek to win and one of the other two to come runner-up!

24th September-4th October: I'm afraid I have been rather remiss in updating this page, mainly because I have been concentrating on Roland Garros tennis during this time. I have had a number of bets on a few of these days, with some good and bad days! Let's start by listing some of the brilliant winners found by my Winners From Placed Form system: 26th September: Drumacoo (Ireland) 14/1, Stargazer 50/1 (Haydock), Dead Right 11/1 (Market Rasen), Majestic Dawn 40/1 (Newmarket). 28th September: Striding Edge 12/1. 1st October: Regarding Ruth 16/1, Taggalo (Ireland) 10/1, followed by Raha 28/1 and Field Of Vision 7/1 second in a forecast!. And those are only a few, there were others at smaller prices! And as a bonus, here are a few more horses to note for the future (two of my recent tips placed at 100/1 and 33/1 recently): Good Luck Charm, Drop Kick Murphy, Another Frontier (NH), Cottonvale (NH), Overworkunderpaid (NH), Still Believing (NH), Kinglami, Signore Piccolo. Also note the ones I have given in recent days or weeks, as they are all due soon (each-way bets recommended). By the way, this is a temporary home for these pages. I am in the process of transferring to Wix on a permanent basis, but for me it's a bit complicated! More news later!

22nd-23rd September: I had a nice day yesterday, finishing a pound or two up, including a few good forecasts. Hope you were on Kibaar (100/1 second) yesterday (see my list of horses to follow 13th-14th September) which was about equivalent to a 25/1 winner! Wish I had used a freee bet on it, but you are never sure at that sort of price! On the same list and in the same race was stablemate Oriental Splendour, which threatened briefly before dropping out. Both of these are worth another bet or two soon. System winners over this period are also impressive, with Whereyounow 12/1 winner in Ireland, Not On Your Nellie 12/1 winner and system bet Burtonwood 16/1 second for a nice forecast, Solstalla 16/1 winner and Anna Nerium 10/1 winner (I had the forecast in that race). Shamshon from the 15th-18th September list was second yesterday and should also be winning soon. A few more for your list: Chain Of Beacons (NH), No Such Number (NH), Cote D'Azur, True Hero, Decision Maker and Kolossus. Samtu (see 25th August) is running again today over jumps and might be worth an each-way bet at a big price.

19th-21st September: Not much to report over these three days (a very poor day yesterday for returns), but I used one of my free bets on I'll Be Good (see my tip on 13th-14th September) each-way at 33/1, coming third and giving me a £17 return! I feel sure it can win soon too! I had a chance bet on the Wolves v Manchester City football match, which returned at 5/1 yesterday, so I salvaged something from the day! A few more horses to follow for you (by the way, if they don't win first time, keep backing them again for a couple of races): Thomas Blossom (NH), Firmdecisions (again), Exitas (NH), Dynamo Walt, Uncle Bernie, Indian Affair and Dragon Khan (NH).

15th-18th September: I have not done much betting recently, as I have been watching the Rome tennis most days. However, I have been checking the results and also making a list of potential winners. System winners yesterday: Alborkan 25/1, Midnite Bride 7/1, Pledge Of Honour 13/2 and Cassy O 100/30 (also won at 33/1 on Thursday, so when they come back out with a penalty (within a few days) they are often worth backing). There were probably others in the previous two days, so get your copy of the system by sending £5 by PayPal to A horse that I earmarked some time back, Nakeeta, won at 11/1 on Thursday. When I mentioned it as thrown in, it was a further 7lb lower last time! Some horses that I fancy to do better soon (back them each-way if they are 9/2 or bigger) are: Excessable, Jan De Heem, The Resdev Way, Commander Han, Shamshon, Mythmaker, American Tom (NH), Placedela Concorde (NH), Perfect Symphony and Strong Steps. Last time I said Cut and Paste them, what I meant was Copy and Paste them into Notepad or Word, and you will have a permanet record. If you can put them into alphabetical order, you will be able to check quickly if a horse is on the list or not. Some tips for the Gold Cups today: Arbalet and Brian The Snail and Get Knotted, (Silver Cup), Stone Of Destiny and Mr Lupton (Gold Cup).

Well, sorry about my tips for the Silver Cup - I think Arbalet got eighth place, but I did back them myself and I feel sure you can note them for the future too, as they were well in! Often trainers deliberately run them down the field until wanted. Hope the Gold Cup goes better! At least I got a place at a good price with Mr Lupton, I also had a couple of good each-way bets on Dirty Rascal at 40/1 later too! I am just a pound or so down on the day and I have three each-way bets going this evening, so might even end up in profit! Some more horses for your notebook: Exxaro (NH), Calin Du Brizais (NH) and Uno Mas (NH). That's it from me today. Still haven't had many messages from visitors!

13th-14th September: Apologies to anyone who has visited this site recently, as I know I have not updated the content, so I hope to put that right with a list of recent system winners selected by my Winners From Placed Form system and also give you a nice lot of horses for the future. First of all the system winners: Restorer 15/2, Matthew Flinders 5/2, Bartat 14/1, Desert Safari 12/1, Dancing Pearl 8/1, and previously East Street Revue 18/1, Brad The Brief 10/1, Lucky Flight 10/1and The Road Home 17/2. There  were many others, too numerous to mention. In addition to the selections indicated by the system, I have also noticed that many horses are recently winning or running very well with form figures ending in -24, -25, -26, -34, -35, and -36, so pay special attention to them and perhaps have a little each-way bet on them ( I bet in pence, so don't don't put your life savings on them). Now, as a special reward for your patience, I am going to list a number of horses that I have noted recently which I feel sure will be doing much better soon, so note or cut and paste them! Here they are: Alfie Solomons, Vexillum (NH), Silver Man (NH), Ice Age, Banksea, Royal Brave, Billy Roberts, Mr Scaramanga, I'll Be Good, Point Of Woods, Storm Home (NH), Oriental Splendour, Kibaar, Three Saints Bay, Sir Roderic (fourth yesterday, looking sure to win),  Waseem Faris, Upstaging (also fourth recently), Zylan (must do better soon, prominent yesterday). A few more: Balata Bay, Scrafton, Alanjou (NH), Equally Fast and Danglydontask, That should keep you going for a while! You can also buy the Winners From Placed form system by sending £5 by Paypal to or the Horse Racing - How To Win Consistently (analysis of back form) also for £5 (£9 for both). Also please feel free to send your comments to the same email address or use the Let's Chat button.


2nd September-12th September: I have not bet a great deal over this period, but am still well up over the last month. I will come back with my suggestions for future winners soon, plus system winners from my Winners from Placed Form system.

28th August - 1st September: I have not done much betting during this period, so will come back with some results and comments when I have reviewed them. Sorry if you missed me! My systems and documents are still available - email

26th-27th August: I had a few bets on these two days, ending not much up or down, but had a few good winners, including Lady Florence at 10/1 and Burning Issues at 16/1, backed well late on). I also had Gavlar each-way at 33/1 (one to note soon), Apache Blaze second at 9/2 just pipped, Paris Protocol each-way at 14/1 and system bet Top Drop each-way at 50/1 (thought it was going to win).

I wasted one free bet on Impart in the same race as Lady Florence, but I feel sure it is due for a much better run soon (make a note). Officer Drivel and Percy Toplis are two more that I think should be noted for the future.

25th August: Missed another 40/1 winner today by not getting the bet on in time (Highland Acclaim)! I had a number of bets, finishing a few pence down on the day. I had the forecast with Wazowski and Gray Day at Bangor, and a number of places. From the same race, I keep expecting Samtu to win and feel sure it will pop up soon! Not much else to report for the moment.

20th-24th August: While the Seniors Snooker was on I bet very little, but managed to hold my own overall. I have had a few bets in the last couple of days, and did very well yesterday with some great winners and forecasts. I also did a Lucky 15, which turned out rather unlucky in the end, as in an each-way bet I had Stronsay fourth (counting) at 10/1, a winner with Firlinfeu at 15/2, a very close second with Medieval at 14/1 (I got a nice forecast in this race) for the first three legs. In the final leg I had it between two horses, Creek Harbour and Fantasy Justifier on my ratings. Although I backed Creek Harbour separately, being greedy as usual I put Fantasy Justifier in my Lucky 15 and it finished a close fifth, knocking out my accumulator and the last leg of my Lucky 15. I still made a good profit on the bet, but could have cashed out for rather more than I got! Still, after making a £10 deposit last week, I withdrew £24 yesterday and still have £20 in the bank. Keep an eye on Fantasy Justifier, which I feel sure is due soon. Others to note for an early show: Englishman, Noble Peace, Chookie Dunedin, Critical Thinking, and over jumps Gris De Pron and Northandsouth. Storm Lightning may also pop soon at a big price. Keep an eye on By Rail over jumps in Ireland, as I was watching it closely yesterday and it was never in trouble, always going well and just dropped out like a light at the end!

17th-19th August: Although I only had a couple of bets during this period, I used one of my free bets on Vancouver at 9/1 (£2.65 each-way) bringing me a profit of nearly £30 after I had just made a reluctant deposit!  I also had system bet Reckless Endeavour at 28/1. Other system winners during this period (wait for it!): Danseur Du Large 22/1, Summer Moon 18/1, Tis Fantastic 13/2, Endured 9/2 and I was gutted when I checked the other results, as I backed Limerick Lord the previous time and it won at 40/1 (yet another fantastic system winner)! The Winners From Placed Form system is doing really well at the moment (think of possible profits from a combination bet on the above winners!) and you can get your copy by sending £5 via PayPal to

13th-16th August: I did not bet at all in this period, as I was watching the World Snooker. Two fantastic semi-finals, probably the best ever seen for drama!

11th-12th August: I have not bet much in recent days, as I have been following the snooker, but my Winners From Placed Form system keeps throwing up fantastic winners, including Harry Love 50/1, Juanito Chico 22/1, and Sword Of Fate 20/1, plus Hurricane Alex (appropriately) at 11/1 and several others at at 17/2 and 6/1! Get your copy by checking out My Offerings!

3rd-10th August: I am afraid that I have done very little betting over this period, as it usually clashes with the World Snooker Championship, and I am extremely engrossed in that every year (along with all the other snooker tournaments. I hope to come back to racing as soon as the snooker is over! Apologies if you have been expecting some signs of life on this page! However, you can do your own tipping with a combination of my systems! See My Offerings.

30th July - 2nd August: Not much betting for me, but my system Winners From Placed Form keeps doing the business, with the following results over this period: Monsaraz 33/1 winner, Katherine Place 9/1 winner, Don't Tell Claire 18/1 winner, Thaayer 5/1 winner, Tuscan Oasis 5/1 winner and Byline 100/30 winner. Not bad, eh? I you want to share in these results, get your copy from me by sending £5 via PayPal to or email me for details. I also managed to get a snooker bet winner with Ding Junhui to have 3 centuries in his match at 3/1.

28th-29th July: A number of great system results to report, including Only Spoofing at 14/1, Away At Dawn 13/2 and Del Duque 14/1 second for a nice forecast (I had that one), Global Tour 12/1 and Aint My Fault 8/1, also for a nice forecast, and Bannixtown Glory 4/1 winner. Wish I had had an acca on all of Brian Hughes' early rides! At Goodwood there were four places on offer in one big handicap, and I had the winner, Mambo Nights at 9/1, the forecast with A Star Above 13/2 and also the third and fourth with Sound Of Cannons 22/1 and Encypher 12/1! Wish I had done a tricast there, as my earlier attempts at a tricast ended with two out of three each time!  I made a nice profit over the two days, although I did not back in all the races. Two horses to look out for over the next week or two are Voice Of A Leader and Baraweez, which I feel sure are being aimed for a touch soon. I haven't yet heard from any visitors (use the Let's Chat App or email with your comments)!


25th-27th July: I bet very little on these three days, and none at all on 27th. I still made a profit over the first two days with a couple of nice forecasts, including system bet Totally Rejected at 7/1 and No Quarter Asked and Oti Ma Boati 7/2 and Perfect Inch (also a system bet) 16/1 each-way, both in forecasts. Not much else to add really, as these days I often leave it at that when I get ahead! A better policy than giving it back again! Well, I seem to be getting a few more 'hits' on the site recently, but nobody has got in contact! Please let me know what you think and any suggestions for improvement. Buying any of my systems or books from Amazon would also be much appreciated!

24th July: I had a few early bets today, with mixed success (a couple of winners and a couple of good places). On checking the results later, I noted that my recent tip, Kentuckyconnection (see 26th June) won at 5/2 and the other horse that I fancied, Twin Appeal, finished a close second, but I was not backing at that time! Sod's Law! Now that the World Snooker Championship Qualifiers are being shown, I will only be betting early, if at all, during the next few days, but You can get your bets sorted out by buying a couple of my systems!

23rd July: I don't intend to bet much today, as I want to watch Jimmy White in the snooker soon. Just pipped into fourth with my each-way on Light In The Sky in the 12.35 Uttoxter. I had Astrologia 6/1 third in France. I wasted one free bet on Affaire D'Honneur in the 1.10 Uttoxeter. That one is absolutely thrown in when wanted. It dropped out, then ran on for sixth place at the end, so one to note soon. I did have second best Gray Day at 10/1, getting second and third for my forecasts. I have had a couple of bets in later races, but that is it from me today!

20th-22nd July: I did not bet much in these three days, and not at all on 22nd, but I broke even on the few bets I had overall. Further system winners from my Winners From Placed Form system included Queen Jo Jo 25/1, with Breathtaking Look second at 9/2, Hatcher 7/4 with Croco Bay 7/1 second (good forecasts from these) and Craigburn 13/2 winner on 22nd. I have not yet checked the rest of the results. These system winners are not coincidence, so if you want to share in them, get your copy of the system today! £5 by PayPal to

19th July: I had a few bets at the start of the afternoon, with a couple of forecasts and winners, including Shoal Bay at 8/1, narrowly missing the forecast. Then I stopped betting, as I wanted to concentrate on the cricket. Riddlestown failed again, but I reckon will be doing much better soon, having got rid of a couple of first places from its form.

18th July: No bets for me today (I prefer backing at smaller meetings, as my systems work better in these venues, rather than major tracks), but I noted the results and there were three system winners: Eagles By Day 14/1, Sinjaari 11/1 and Qaysar 10/1. Not bad prices, but you would probably have to be a psychic to pick them in a treble! I noticed that two horses I have been following finished first and second at Haydock: Gamesome 12/1 and Red Stripes 11/1!

15th-17th July: No bets on 15th July, and not too successful with my bets on 16th and 17th, although I only bet in the early part) with the following returns: Warranty won 13/2, Tickinthebox won 5/1, and a variety of places, including Jaganory third at 28/1, Raven's Tower placed at 14/1, Royal Shaheen 10/1 and Najashee 6/1 both placed in the same race, and Outer Space just pipped at 6/1. I feel sure that Kinglami is being primed for a win very soon. I have not checked all the system winners, but there were at least two, with Sepahi 15/2 and Recuerdame (that's Spanish for Remember Me) 6/1. Not sure how much betting I can do in the next few days, as I have the builders in! My tip from 10th June (q.v.), Kodiline won at 8/1 on 17th July! And Burguillos, which I have tipped several times in this blog, finally won at 3/1 (they had been messing around with it with several places). Tangled (see 22nd June) did pop up again before long, winning at 5/2, but not much of a price (the stable usually backs them when expected).


14th July: At last! After a few days of poor results, I managed to make a profit on the day! I did not bet on every race, as I cannot stomach eight hours or more of races, but I had quite a nice bit of success in the races I did bet on. First of all, to list the system winners on the day: Grand Coureur 10/1 ( I backed that one), As You Like 4/1, Deposit 6/1, Corinthia Knight (which I backed) 5/1 and Fiveandtwenty 15/2. Apart from these, I had an excellent result with Perfect Grace 20/1 and the forecast, Air Of York (I got 14/1) and just missed the forecast, and Dangeroffizz 11/4. I was in and out of the racing, but made a profit of about £3 on the day. That went some way to restoring my faith in my systems and methods. If you want to share in them, go to My Offerings and get your copy or copies. Keep an eye on Riddlestown, which dropped out tamely today, but will do much better soon.


13th July: Best in Lord Of The Glen ran on nicely into fourth in the 12.05 Ayr, and will do better, along with Star Citizen and Corton Lass, all of which were much better in than the placed horses. Somebody knew something! Another fourth place with Lothian in the12.25 Windsor, then a close third with best in Red Bravo (which I backed to win) in the 12.40 Ayr! The latter was probably only out for a place with poor previous form. No joy yet! Still no return after the 1.00 Windsor, witth none of my forecast runners figuring! Keep an eye on Host and Sidi Mansour, which must be better then they showed! I am not a great fan of maiden and novice races, as I have said more than once! At last, a result with system bet Star Of Emaraaty 2/1 to win and Party Spirit 3/1 for the forecast in the 1.15 Ayr! Almost a great result with the thrown in Arcanada second at 18/1 in the 1.35 Windsor, but still a good one! The Cruising Lord should also do better soon. But a winner with Lagenda at 5/1 in the 1.45 Ayr! Keep an eye on Roaring Forties, which I had as best in, and Chaplin Bay, which must pop up soon. A place with Star Of St James at 16/1 (Trevie Fountain will do better), but not much else after that. Best in Perfect Soldier looks a sure winner soon, and Rock Warbler is another that can do much better. Well, that'll do for me today. You can see that nobody can win all the time!

10th-12th July: I was busy with household and garden tasks during this period, so did not have many bets. My best race yielded three places out of the first four, with Fidux 14/1, Solomon Grey 7/1 and More Buck's 22/1. Not much to comment on other than that. Flying Moon (see 28th June) won, but Poyle George Two made no show again, so keep backing it! 


8th-9th July: I did not bet on the 8th, but noted that there were at least four system winners, including Mr Carpenter at 100/1 (one of only two system bets in the race), Romanor at 28/1, Oloroso at 11/1 and Al Suhail at a modest 5/2! Yesterday, 9th July I started well with Black Caspian won 14/1, but most of my successful bets after that were in Ireland with Laurel Wreath won 15/2, Lady Scathach won 13/2 and Papa Bear won 9/4. I also had a few places, including Eastern Racer 25/1 and Music Seeker 12/1 second. Two to note for the future: Baraweez and Cote D'Azur.


7th July: I did not back early, but system bet Mews House 22/1 winner in the 1.15 Pontefract and I did not back it! I did have Manolith each-way in second at 11/1! They paid four places and I also had Balancing Act at 8/1. I got 7/4 on Rayong in the 1.50 Pontefract, but it took its time getting there! I also got money back on a non-runner. Another nice result with system bet Tara Niece 8/1 and Hidden Glen 7/4 for the forecast in the 2.10 Newton Abbot! Keep an eye on Invincible Cave, which is thrown in on old form and should pop up soon. And another system winner with Romola 11/1! I did not follow the racing after that, but you can see that the Winners From Placd Form is on the ball again! I finished about £1 down on the day, which is quite acceptable.

4th-6th July: Apologies for not writing anything on this page for the last three days, but I have been busy cutting down my jungle of a garden, painting the back gate and dealing with a car problem, so I have not done much betting recently. Unfortunately when I did have a bet, nothing much went right, with only a small number of winners, including Seen The Lyte 5/1 and a few places each-way, including Bandsman (which looked a sure winner until the final strides) also 5/1 second and Shantou Village, 13/2 which was too short a price for its woeful form figures. Keep an eye on Henryville from that race, as it lingered at the back of the field and only got going when it was all over. Also B Fifty Two is due a much better run soon. I will gloss over the rest, although I did have a few other places.

I would be grateful if you would look at my systems and the books available from Amazon on this site, as it will help to keep this site going if you can buy something!

3rd July: I did not fancy much today on looking at the cards, and should probably have left the racing alone, as not much success today either! I did have a couple of good forecasts, but generally speaking a day to forget! Never mind, I am still ahead compared with a few days ago, and just hoping it will change for the better soon. Just Tavener to keep an eye on from today's racing. But, wait a minute! I gave up midway through the afternoon, but came back for a couple of evening races and managed to get a nice result with Sociologist 7/1 to win and Multellie 9/2 for the forecast, bringing me back almost level for the day! Nakeeta, which I tipped recently, finished fourth (running much better than its finishing position), and I am convinced will be worth a big bet soon! And as regards my Placed Form system, three winners today: Redarna 28/1, Chairmanic 14/1 and Sula Island 4/1! Unfortunately I was not backing in the first two of these!

1st-2nd July: A couple of pounds down on the 1st, but a bit of a mare yesterday, if you will excuse the pun! I had a few winners and places, and a couple of forecasts, but nothing much would run my way yesterday, including wasting one free bet on Voice Of A Leader, which should have been guaranteed at least a place! Clearly the plan was not for that race, but I am almost certain it will be winning soon. The fact that Seaforth (fourth) was in the same race may have meant that they would not risk it, but make a note of both of these for the near future! Several pounds down yesterday, but there is always another day! My good results on the day (with a few others placed) were: Sicario won 5/1, Our Dave won 5/2 (almost got the forecast), Manton Grange and Lucky Lodge in a forecast, and just missed the forecast with Lucky Beggar and Highland Acclaim, both getting pipped in the final furlong! Horses to note: the last two mentioned and Boom The Groom (fourth) which should be a certainty when wanted. Indian Pursuit is another to bear in mind. I actually started the day well with two forecasts on Crown Princess and Tenth Century, but it mostly went downhill from there. So you can see that even with my two systems in operation, you can't do well every day!


29th-30th June: Not much to report here. I had a few bets on 29th, but not too good, finishing about £2 down. Today I did not start betting until Chepstow. Nothing from the first, but in the second I had a great result with Cool Strutter (thrown in for a long time) to win at 9/2 and Aquadabra at 8/1 eac-way and a nice forecast, to make £7 profit, after which I packed it in! I have still not heard from anybody reading this blog. Please get in touch!


28th June: Another good start with My Best Friend and Better By Far each-way for the forecast in the 12.00 Hamilton. Only second and third for my forecasts in the 12.15 Windsor, but Cowell has some good sprinters. My aim today is to qualify for another free bet next week (I already have £40 in free bets, which I must use selectively)! Two more top-rated from my Win Consistently method, with Lady Celia (I got 10/1) and Manolith 11/2 in a forecast in the 12.35 Hamilton! Well, can't believe my success today, as I had Kafee at 13/2 to win and Rideson for the forecast in the 12.45 Windsor! No bet in the 1.00 Newmarket, but they finished in betting order! Would you believe no return in the 1.10 Hamilton, as Red Stripes (fourth) did not perform again and only one of my selections figured (I hate seven horse or less races). Another forecast with Baarij and Hot Summer in the 1.20 Windsor. Just pipped on Ambassadorial in the 1.35 Newmarket (thrown in on old form). No bet in the 1.45 Hamilton, although I fancied Fishable each-way. None of my selections figured in the 1.55 Windsor, although I liked Arcanada's form figures (should have checked its form too)! Just pipped (again!) on Tin Hat in the 2.10 Newmarket! I wasted one free bet on Royal Shaheen in the 2.20 Hamilton, but keep an eye on it for the future! I did have My Ukelele each-way in third. Another forecast with Time Scale and Concessions in the 2.45 Newmarket. A nice each-way with Flying Moon 33/1 in the 2.55 Hamilton. I had Poyle George Two as best in, so one to note for the future. Well, I've qualified for my next free bet, and am still in profit today, so I'll leave it there! Please get in touch, I'm waiting to hear from you!

27th June: A good start with system bet Bowman 4/1 in the 12.00 Redcar, and my each-way bet Blowing Wind was a non-runner! I was suspicious of the favourite, because O'Meara's runners have been winning at big prices recently! A nice each-way with Make Some Magic at 50/1 in the 12.15 Newcastle, but I did not put it in the forecast, unfortunately! Another winner with Imperial Gloriana in the 12.30 Redcar with Cuban Affair each-way in second (but no forecast)! A couple of non-returns, followed by a winner with system bet Glen Shiel 4/1 in the 1.15 Newcastle, just pipped for the forecast with another system bet Rathbone (third). Another nice result with Magisterium 3/1 to win and Highly Dancer (another O'Meara runner) 4/1 for the forecast in the 12.40 Redcar! And an even better result with Judicial to win the 1.50 Newcastle and Brando also 9/1 for the forecast! Now £6 up to very small stakes. I think I'll call it a day there! By the way, if you think my results are so much hot air, please email me and I will send you a screenshot of my bets! 

26th June: I only backed for part of the afternoon, but finished with a nice profit, thanks to a great forecast with system bet Line Of Reason 6/1 and Secretinthepark 25/1! Both of these were also top-rated by my How to Win Consistently method! Later, system bet Wimpole Hall won a four runner race at 9/1! Kentuckyconnection (third) and Mountain Rescue (fourth) were thrown in for their race and should both win soon, if not in the same race! Abel Handy and Lathom are two others to note, as they were clear on my ratings today. And any money for Duke Of Firenze should be noted, as it is long overdue a better run! If no apparent money, back it anyway, as it must run well soon!

23rd-25th June: I have not updated this blog for a couple of days, as I have not had many bets, but I did have a nice forecast yesterday with Fountain Cross (I got 14/1) and Vedute 13/8, after which I watched the snooker. But I will run over the results of interest: on Tuesday, my Winners From Placed Form system gave Zihaam 11/4 and Avenue Of Stars at 33/1! On Wednesday the system produced Manshood at 5/1 and the forecast with Seen The Lyte 7/1. It also gave Mountain Peak at 5/1 and House Deposit at 15/2. Yesterday the system gave Mostawaa at 4/1 and Chetan at 11/2. And furthermore, if you are following my tips, I gave two winners on 16th June with Awsaaf (won 5/2) and Destroyer 6/1, both winning yesterday!

22nd June: No bet in the 12.15 Thirsk, but a winner with Dawn Breaking at 12/1 in the 12.45, just missing the forecast with Logi (which I had as better in) at 14/1! Explain was thrown in for this race, but was a massive price, so watch out for it when there is any money! The Carr stable rarely have big-priced winners, and there is usually a nibble for fancied runners. Best in Gracious John made no show in the 1.15 (nearer last than first) and I suspect that it will run better over 5-6 furlongs. Tangled also made no show and will pop up again soon. Chookie Dunedin is another to bear in mind soon. It's annoying when none of the top-rated make the frame, but I always note them for the future. Well, I'm off to watch the snooker, and will check results later.

21st June: I had a few bets early on, without much success, with Yukon Mission placed at 18/1 my only return. I then went off to watch the snooker and guess what? Two horses that I backed last time out came straight in at Wolverhampton, namely system bet Astrophysics (see 17th June) at 7/1 and Seaforth (see my selections for 10th June) winning at 6/1. Unless you religiously follow every horse, they always come in when you are not around! Bell Heather, also tipped on 10th June, came third in the same race at 11/1. And Arbalet, one of my selections form 4th June, was clearly expected today, but got pushed into second place.

20th June: I only bet on one race today, but on checking the results this evening, see what I found! There were five winners using my system Winners from Placed Form at fantastic prices! They were: Chiefofchiefs 20/1 12.40 Ascot, Zabeel Champion 12/1 3.55 Newmarket, Unit of Assessment 40/1 7.15 Kempton, Betty Grable 9/1 7.40 Ripon and Benadalid 9/1 8.10 Ripon! I have not calculated the odds on a Lucky 31 containing these horses, but you can imagine that it would probably exceed the bookmakers' maximum payout! Well, a 5p accumulator alone would have netted £55,965! Get your copy now by emailing or sending £5 to that address via PayPal! And by the way, I recently tipped Bossipop (see 5th June) for an early success (won today at 9/2!).

19th June: I had a few bets today, finishing a few pence down only. I won't go into details here, but I had a few winners and forecasts, interspersed with a lot of mediocre runs. I won't dwell on the day, as I have some great news for those interested in my system (see 20th June). 


18th June: Blast! I backed Sunset Breeze in the 1.00 Newmarket, but wanted to back Dana Forever (system bet) in a forecast, but could not get the bet on in time! Gutted! My own fault for taking too much time on my eBay Listings! And a great winner with Highland Chief 20/1 in the 1.15 Ascot, with Tritonic also each-way and I also backed Global Storm, but only to win! Only a place with Regal Reality in the 1.50 Ascot, but better than nothing!  Not many bets in between, but a winner with Golden Wolf at 17/2 in the 3.15 Newmarket! Rotherwick threatened briefly and I think will do much better before long. I got 7/4 on Stradivarius to win by two lengths or more in the Gold Cup, with Cross Counter each-way in third. Well, that was it for me. I actually made a small profit on the day!

17th June: I bet for about half of the afternoon today. and wrote this blog afterwards. I had a great start with Country Carnival winning at 12/1, as O'Meara's horses have been running very well recently/ I then had a poor next few races, with the top-rated horses at Ascot running well below form. My good results on the day were Addeybb placed at 11/2, Amadeus Grey placed at 12/1, Dark Vision a winner at 15/2 with Vale of Kent fourth at 22/1 at Ascot, and a good forecast with King's Castle 11/4 and Al Khabeer 12/1 (another O'Meara runner) for my final return of the day. Most of my bets were in pence, so I finished about £4 down on the day. Royal Ascot is one of those meetings where there are so many big improvers that the top-rated on official figures do not seem to do so well. I prefer the smaller meetings with a few handicaps and older horses, as the back form is easier to assess. Astrophysics is due a good run very soon (system bet next time).


16th June: I have had a few bets today, but have not kept up with the races on my blog. Some good results including winners at 7/1 (twice) and a few forecasts. Keep an eye on AwsaafRoaring Forties, Lagenda and Destroyer from the 2.50 Thirsk, as all can do much better. The big prices on two of them suggested that they were not out to figure today. I won't go through all my results, but finished a couple of pounds down on the afternoon.

15th June: Very few runners today at Goodwood, so not sure if I will bother to back. I have not yet looked at Pontefract, so will see what it looks like. Well, there are some bigger races there, including a couple of handicaps, so will have a look at those in due course. My first bets of the day resulted in the first three home in the 1.00 Fairyhouse, including the forecast and an each-way on the third at 14/1. A couple of forecasts in the next few races to keep the pot boiling. And a winner with Sir Roderic at 5/2 in the 2.10 Goodwood. I thought Billy Roberts was going to lead all the way in the 2.20 Pontefract, but faded to finish fourth. I also backed Mythical Madness which finished like a train, but just pipped! And another good forecast in the 2.35 Leopardstown with Mogwli 4/1 and The Kola Kid each-way at 12/1! Back in profit today and I'll leave it there!


13th-14th June: I did not watch or back in races on 13th, but yesterday I had a few bets, and after being largely unsuccessful, I managed to get a great winner with Englishman (I got 201/), a horse which has been thrown in for a long time and often pops up at good prices. This was clearly indicated by my Horse Racing - How to Win Consistently method. This enabled me to end my betting almost level on the day. One big-priced winner can change the whole feel of your day! You can find them too if you use some of my methods or systems.


12th June: Third place with Big Time Maybe in the 12.15 Kempton, but a good priced winner with top rated Steelriver 11/1 in the 12.30 Wolverhampton! Three Card Trick should do better soon. No bets in the next few races, but a winner with Raatea 100/30 in the 1.45 Kempton and the forecast with Semser! As a guide, horses rated 80+ in maiden races should usually be in the mix, as newcomers do not often run to that level. Three system bets first, second and third in the 2.00 Wolverhampton, but I did not back any of them! Best in Awsaaf never got into it and will do better, along with Teepee Time and Furni Factors, none of which were wanted today! I did not back in the 2.30 Wolverhampton, but the two I picked out, The Blue Bower and Van Dijk, both system bets in my Winners From Placed Form system, finished first and second at 9/2 and 11/2! I had the forecast in the 3.15 Kempton with Palavicino 9/2 and House Edge 3/1. Another system winner with Shaffire 8/1 in the 3.30 Wolverhampton! The system is on fire at the moment! Email me for your copy!

11th June: I did not even look at the race cards today, having several other things to do. A couple of returns from my remaining selections yesterday, including Christopher Wood won 7/2 and Seaforth third at 11/1 (I had the first three home on my shortlist for that race). I actually also had Glan Y Gors (28/1 winner) on my shortlist for the 4.20, but it was my third top-rated, hence I did not post it on here! I suggest that you note the selections that did not win from yesterday, as they were all by far best in and should win at some point. These include Seaforth, Banksea, Kodiline, Aqua Libre and Nakeeta (most of them thrown in when wanted). If you are new to racing, 'thrown in' means almost certain to win at the weights, based on old form. If you use my Horse Racing - How to Win Consistently method, do not assume that because a horse is top-rated it will automatically win. Many times it will only be out to get a place* (or even run down the field)  this time, so consider the first three or four on the ratings, and personally I usually have small bets on the top three and a small combination forecast. It is amazing how much those bets pay out and can make a real upturn on a bad day. When I say that *a horse is out to get a particular place, I do not mean the horse itself, of course, as it has no choice in the matter. It is those controlling the horse who decide how it runs! And believe me, they can make it finish almost anywhere! The only thing they cannot be sure of is winning, as horses are not machines, and they do have bad days too! 


10th June: Lots of maiden and novice races today, not really my cup of tea, but the top stables usually do best in these races. I will just give a few of my top-rated in handicaps, in case any pop up at good prices (afternoon meetings only). Pontefract: 2.50 Written Broadcast 3.20 Mandalayan, Denmead 3.50 Nakeeta, Christopher Wood 4.20 Banksea, Star Archer.  Wolverhampton:  2.40 Peachey Carnehan, Obee Joe 5.50 Seaforth, Aqua Libre 6.20 Kodiline, Bell Heather. Let's see how they do (small each-way bets recommended, and a small reverse forecast if two given). My each-way bet Tinochio sprouted wings late on in the 12.45 Pontefract but just failed to get third place! One to watch, possibly over further. I had the winner, but not the second, in my forecasts. A good result in the 1.00 Navan, with Frenetic and Mother Earth (I got 6/1 each-way) for the forecast. I had Bonne Vitesse on my shortlist for the 1.15 Pontefract, but left it out of my forecasts! Only a fourth place in the 1.30 Navan, with best in It's All A Joke no show, along with Early Call. I had the forecast with Crispina and Silk Lace in the 1.45 Pontefract, but was disappointed with Midnite Bride, which was well there most of the way. Just pipped on Ticks The Boxes at 5/1 for my free bet in the 2.00 Navan, but I did back it each-way, so I got a return and a profit! Very close for my each-way bet Vintage Times in the 2.10 Wolverhampton. Did it just nick it? Damn, no, just pipped into fourth! Yet again I had the winner in my forecasts for the 2.20 Pontefract but did not back it on its own! Poor performance from the short-priced favourite! But a better result with Chief Little Hawk 7/2 to win and Blue Panther 8/1 for the forecat in the 2.30 Navan! Almost back level today after a mediocre start! Peachey Carnehan (above) missed the break in the 2.40 Wolverhampton, but seemed to have plenty left at the end, so one to bear in mind soon. I did back the winner, Sepahi with Obee Joe (above) just failing to get third. No joy with Written Broadcast (for the second time) in the 2.50 Pontefract, but it seemed to be going well in the lead before fading (5 furlongs more suitable?). A nice each-way with Na Blianta Beo 10/1 in the 3.00 Navan (first and third for my forecasts). Now I'm off to watch the snooker. Will check results on my selections later. But before I left I did have Alkhat to win and Moonbootz for the forecast in the 3.10 Wolverhampton, finishing level for the first part of the day! 

8th-9th June: I had a few bets yesterday, finishing a few pence down. I always say if you lose very little on one day, you can always make it up on a better day. Don't expect to make a profit every day! I have not bet at all today, as I was doing some other work on my websites and then watching the snooker. Don't forget you can use the Get In Touch box at the bottom of the Home page or the Let's Chat box to send your questions or comments.


7th June: Apologies that there is no blog today, but (believe it or not!) I injured myself falling out of bed (I was having a bad dream and somebody was chasing me) and have a big lump on my hip joint and cut my ear and cheek. I ended up at the bottom of the bed, so I must have jumped, I should think! I can just about walk, so no break, I presume! Is that the best or worst excuse you have heard, I wonder? Anyway, I found it very difficult to get out of my chair, let alone rush between the TV room and the computer room. I haven't got around to using the app for this website yet! I hope to be back soon, so keep coming back. I see there were a few visitors today (or one several times?). Please send me a message with comments or suggestions by email or using the Let's Chat box!

6th June: I don't intend to comment on every race today, but just to say I had a great start in the 12.55 Newcastle with the forecast, Thunder Of Niagara 15/2 and Rebel At Dawn 6/1 (reason: two stables with forward juveniles). I included the winner in my forecasts for the 1.15 Newmarket, but did not back it on its own! Stone Of Destiny was my pick, but being hampered early did not help its chances! A nice winner with Tadleel (I got 11/2) in the 1.30 Newcastle! Steward's enquiry, but I'll get first past the post anyway! It is quite difficult to write this blog and watch the racing, as I need to use two different rooms. I have not done any research again today, as I have busy with other things!  Almost qualified for this week's free bet, and I still have £30 in free bets from before the lockdown! Not a bad result with Judicial 7/1 each-way in the 1.50 Newmarket. Keep an eye on Ornate for a future handicap, as it ran well for a long way here. A winner with Daarik at 2/1 in the 2.05 Newcastle. Two very well handicapped horses here: Salateen and Calder Prince, which both front-ran for a long way and will pop up before long. I have now qualified for another free bet, and must start thinking about using them! Well, nobody seems to be following me today, so perhaps I'll leave it there for the day! Please leave me a message or email me when you visit the site, as I need to know that I am not alone!

5th June: No time to do any research today, so I will go out for a while and may come back later for the odd instinctive bet (that means that I know many of these horses so well that I have a good idea of their ability! Please let me know if you are following this page and any comments or selections you may have! Love to hear from somebody new too!

4th June: Nothing much to report from yesterday, but I did have a few small unsuccessful bets in the main. For today I will list my two top-rated (handicaps only, as there are many maiden and novice races which I can't rate): Newcastle: 2.45: Highland Reel, Bombastic 5.05 Glory Fighter, Bossipop 5.40 Paris Protocol, Zabeel Star. Newmarket: 4.45 Double Up, Highly Sprung 5.20 Gold At Midnight, Saluti 5.55 Arbalet, Via Serendipity 6.30 Pactolus, Medalla De Oro. Small each-way bets only, don't go mad if you back them! Another first race winner today with Guipure 6/1 in the 1.00 Newcastle. I also backed Time Voyage, just finishing fourth (no return). Unusual for a Haggas runner to win at 11/1 (1.15 Newmarket). I thought Wings Of A Dove looked the likely winner, but just pipped into fourth or fifth late on. One to note? Then first, third and fourth for my forecasts in the 1.35 Newcastle. Now we have a series of non-handicaps, which do not really appeal to me! I feel sure that Tactical would have finished closer with a clear run in the 1.50 Newmarket, but that did not help me! Should have noted that Cox had two in the race! A forecast with Al Salt and Tilsit in the 2.10 Newcastle, but my each-way Chardonneigh did too much early on and got pipped for third! A winner with Bombastic (above) at 5/1 in the 2.45 Newcastle! Best in Highland Reel ran well in behind them and will do better. Well, I've done Lucky 15 with some of my selections for later, but now off to watch the snooker! And another winner on my list above, Highly Sprung at 10/1! What more can you ask? Double Up is thrown in for a future race (make a note), and led briefly a furlong out before fading (or being eased?). But just pipped into second on Glory Fighter 14/1 (above). And keep an eye on Bossipop, which is due a better run soon. Cannot claim any success in the 5.20 Newmarket, but you can't win 'em all! Hope you backed one or two of them today! Zabeel Star (above) second in the 5.40 Newcastle, but Paris Protocol was always too far back, and should be noted for a better effort soon. I'll leave you to check my remaining selections.

3rd June: Decided to have the day off today, as I have been working all morning and research for racing can be gruelling at times. Don't forget my systems, Winners From Placed Form and Horse Racing - How to Win Consistently, which have provided most of my winners in the last two days, including 22/1, 12/1, 13/2, 6/1 etc. Look under My Offerings in the Menu!

2nd June: Another good start with Al Erayg (top rated by How to Win Consistently) at 12/1 in the 1.00 Newcastle, with Lawmaking in fourth (paying four places). And another winner with Hold Fast (I got 8/1) in the 1.00 Kempton, and I had first, third and fourth! I will probably only bet until 3.00, when the snooker starts. Come back to this page whenever you like. Just pipped on Dark Vision in the 1.20 Newcastle, but I thought I was going to get the forecast with Firmament (fourth, counting each-way) until late on! Keep an eye on So Beloved for a better effort soon. Next, an each-way on Noble Gift at a biggish price in the 1.35 Kempton, but a disappointing performance from Lexington Law, which can do much better. I did not bet in the next two races, but a system winner (see my Winners From Placed Form under My Offerings) with Benny And The Jets 6/1 in the 2.10 Kempton. No joy in the 2.30 Newcastle, although my main hope, Growl, refused to load and True Mason ran on nicely when it was too late! Keep an eye on both for the future, along with Vintage Brut. Well, I've finished for the day. Hope to be back soon! And now for the bad news, as far as I am concerned. After I went off to watch the snooker, my shortlists of three for Newcastle returned the following results: Victory Heights 6/1 winner and Digital 6/1 second (3.40), Dandalla 7/1 winner and Electric Blue third (4.15), and Pelekai 5/2 winner (4.50)! Horses to note from the remaining races: Multellie, Big Country, and Lunar Jet, all of which will do better soon. I finished just a few pence down on the day.

1st June 2020: Well, not a bad start with a 22/1 winner (Zodiakos - see below) in the first race back! That was top-rated on my Horse Racing - How to Win Consistently method (see My Offerings for details). ! Hope you had it. I only had 20p each-way on it, but still a nice return! Bet I can't keep that up! Keep an eye on Tiercel soon. Little Jo was on my shortlist of 4 in the 1.35, but I missed the race while on the phone! Cote D'Azur was top-rated, so one to note for the future. My selections are in the paragraph below, but I will be leaving to watch the also long awaited snooker later. A non-runner with Freedom Flyer in the 2.10, with Bond's Boy also on my shortlist (third). I had the winner Art Power 6/4 and the forecast in the 2.45, followed by another winner and forecast with Brian The Snail (see 31st May) and Yousini, both at 13/2. True Blue Moon can do much better soon. Well, that's two winners and a non-runner from my selections so far, and I'll leave you to back the others or not, as you wish! I did not back after that, finishing £6 up on the day. Just to say (truthfully) that I always make a shortlist of three for each race, and on those lists I had two more winners, Alignak 5/2 and Valyrian Steel 11/4, but I just chose the wrong ones to post yesterday! There were two more places on my list, however. Horses to note: Requinto Dawn (fourth), Excessable, Indian Sounds and Written Broadcast. Just to say that I do not post selections every day. I thought I would do that on the first day back! 

31st May 2020: I've had a look through the race cards for Newcastle for tomorrow and have picked out some selections. I shall only be betting a few pence (5p or 10p each-way) on them, so don't blame me if you bet in pounds and lose! Don't forget that these horses are running for the first time in many weeks, so may not be fit! Here goes:

1.00: Zodiakos, Tiercel 1.35: Cote D'Azur, Mutasaamy 2.10: Freedom Flyer 2.45 Continental

3.20: Brian The Snail, True Blue Moon 3.55: Written Broadcast 4.30: Requinto Dawn, Excessable 5.05: Good Tidings 5.40: Dream With Me 6.15: Luck On Sunday, Byzantine Empire. As I said, no guarantees! The novice races are pure guesswork!

30th May : I am going to look at the declarations for Monday and pick out some bets based on previous form, but as always at the start of a season, many will be running without fitness, so it will be a complete lottery. I will add Fahey and Tim Easterby to the stables I suggested yesterday as probably fitness angles. If I suggest any selections here, please don't go mad with stakes and blame me if they run like donkeys!

29th May: well, declarations are out for Monday's first post coronavirus meeting at Newcastle (all weather). Originally planned as an eight race meeting, two races have now been split, resulting in a ten race card.

Nothing guaranteed in these first races back, so the suggestion is to concentrate on bigger stables (for example Gosden, Hannon, Johnston and Varian, as their horses are likely to be fitter than most. However, in lower class races, my How To Win Consistently might still pick up a couple of decent winners or places, and Winners From Placed Form might also be useful, especially if the two systems coincide!

26th May: Well, it now looks as if UK racing will resume next Monday, 1st June, so looking forward to that! To help you on your way, please try some of my systems or racing books. Click the My Offerings link or Amazon Books link in the Menu at the top (or bottom) of each page.

21st May: No UK racing yet! Hopefully it will return in a few weeks and we get some action! I will return with my blog when it does. In the meantime you can read my previous comments below:

10th May: No bets in the last three days, but I have now pruned this page, removing much of the older material, which serves no useful purpose except to show how consistent my systems have been over the last few seasons! I saw recently that UK racing might return on 1st June, but don't hold your breath on that one!

7th May: This page has become very long and I am sure many of the earlier entries are now uninteresting, even if they contain some great results, so I shall be removing much of the content lower down the page shortly. Please email if you object to this!

 Is anybody reading this page? Please let me know too!

I am also considering (and am now using) a new web editor (Wix) which may make my pages more attractive. I have been using an antiquated web editor for many years, and some of the HTML Code no longer works in today's versions.

No betting during the intervening days, by the way. I am not getting into US horse racing!

17th March- 2nd May: Racing shut down shortly after my last post, and I had a few days of success with Irish racing before that shut down too. I tried US racing for a couple of days, and strangely it got better coverage in the At The Races app, because they actually gave the official ratings of the horses.
 Perhaps with no UK racing they are able to give it more study time? Anyway, after a couple of days I did not continue with US Racing, as I did not agree with racing going ahead over there. Wonder when we  will get back to normal? Could be a few weeks or months yet. I'll hopefully be back with you then! 
In the meantime, please email me ( with your comments or questions. I have not heard  from many of you recently!

4th-16th March: Not much joy at Cheltenham, but a few winners and places over the period. Today, 16th March, I was gradually drifting in a downward spiral until two races changed everything! I had Shimba Hills, clear top-rated in my "Horse Racing - How to Win Consistently" method to win at 16/1,  with the favourite (second top-rated) at 11/4 in a forecast, followed, a few minutes later by another  top-rated, Olivers Island at 8/1 and the second rated Boher Lad at 20/1, also in a forecast. I increased  my bank by £23 to very small stakes in pence. Fancy results like that? Get your copy of "Horse Racing - How to Win Consistently" (see above) for just £5 by PayPal to !

20th January-3rd March: I am afraid I have not kept up with my blog over recent weeks, and have not bet  every day in any case. I am still getting a good percentage of winners, and rarely have really bad days.
 My "Horse Racing - How to win Consistently" document (see above) came good with a vengeance yesterday,  when Sunny Ledgend (clear top-rated by my method) turned up at 66/1 in the 3.00 Exeter! Would you like
 winners like that? You can get your copy for just £5 via Paypal to!

22nd December 2019-19th January 2020: I'm afraid I have not been on my computer much recently, especially as Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7. Most of my betting has been on my smartphone, where I have lost small amounts over the last month, but nothing disastrous. I have not written my blog during this time, but have noted a good number of horses for the future. I did receive a glowing (and unsolicited) email from one of my customers, who has made big profits recently using my "Horse Racing - How to Win Consistently" document, so I recommend you get a copy if you have not already - Click the My Offerings link in the Menu (just £5).

12th-21st December: A mixture of good and bad results over this period meant that I was slightly down, but still well in profit over the last three months. I have not been betting so regularly, or often qualifying for my free bets, then easing off. On a sadder note, I am finding that maintaining this website is not currently profitable, and will probably close it at my next renewal date (still a few months to go). There are still a good number of system bets winning, including Regal Encore at 16/1 at Ascot, but I am convinced that a number of trainers who were following these patterns are now deliberately using different strategies which are not so obvious.

5th-11th December: A mixed bag of results over this period, with a few good winners and forecasts.
I wasted one free bet on Spirit Of Rome, which was easily best in, but unseated rider at the first
hurdle, so at a massive price, perhaps that was the plan! One to note for the future. I did have Jimmy at 8/1 and the second at 12/1 in that race, ironically. Others to note for the future: DemopolisTelegraph Place, Lassana Angel, High Noon, Sword Of Fate, Boutan, Sigurd, (I think that may have already won, but can do so again at some point) Russian Service and Collodi.

15th November - 4th December: I'm afraid I have been very slack with my blog over the last couple of weeks, but overall have done pretty well, keeping my balance pretty level and having a number of good winners, including several at 20/1 and 25/1, including Uncle Bernie at 25/1 on 4th Dec. A 22/1 system winner yesterday too with Merryweather at Lingfield. I also had a free bet winner at 12/1 and  a place yesterday with Bint Dandy (won since at 16/1) at 11/1. Burguillos is one horse that I think will be winning very soon, as it dropped out very tamely today and has massive amounts in hand. Attain and Guaracha will  also do better soon. I hope to keep more up to date with my blog in future.